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A Prologue to a play for Mr Dennis's benefit 353 MACER, a character

354 To Mr More, author of the Worm-Powder Song, by a person of Quality, 1733 On a certain Lady at Court On his Grotto at Twickingham To Mrs B. on her birth-day

362 To Mr Southern on his birth-day, 1742

363 EPITAPHS. I. On the Earl of Dorset, 365. II. On Sir William

Trumbal, 366. III. On the Hon. Simon Harcourt, 367. IV. On James Craggs, Efq; 368. V. Intended for Mrs Rowe, 369. VI. On Mrs Corbet, 371. VII. On the Hon. Robert Digby, &c. 372.

VIII. On Sir Godfrey Kneller, 373. IX. On General Withers, 374. X. On Mr Fenton,

375. XI. On Mr Gay, 376. XII. Intended for Sir Isaac Newton. XIII. On Dr Atterbury. XIV. On the Duke of Buckingham. XV. Two for a per. fon who would not be buried in Westminster-Abbey

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