A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes, Band 2

Robert Dodsley
Printed for J. Dodsley, 1782

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Seite 280 - finew ftrains, Thofe in the deeper vitals rage ; Lo, poverty, to fill the band, That numbs the foul with icy hand, And flow-confuming age. To each his fuff'rings : all are men, Condemn'd alike to groan, The tender for another's pain ; Th' unfeeling for his own. Yet ah ! why mould they know their fate ! Since forrow never comes too late, And
Seite 283 - their gayly-gilded trim Quick-glancing to the fun d . IV, To Contemplation's fober eye ' Such is the race of man : And they that creep, and they that fly, Shall end where they began. Alike the bufy and the gay But flutter through life's little day, In fortune's varying colours
Seite 282 - reclin'd in ruftic ftate) How vain the ardour of the crowd, How low, how little are the proud, How indigent the great b ! III. Still is the toiling hand of care: The panting herds repofe : Yet hark, how through the peopled air The bufy murmur glows! ^ The
Seite 278 - Still as they run, they look behind* They hear a voice in every wind* And fnatch a fearful joy. Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed, Lefs pleafing when poflefs'd ; The tear forgot as foon as fhed. The
Seite 280 - Lo, in the vale of years beneath, A grifly troop are feen, The painful family of death, More hideous than their queen ; This racks the joints, this fires the veins, That every
Seite 281 - flowers, And wake the purple year ! The ATTIC warbler pours her throat Refponfive to the cuckow's note, The untaught harmony of fpring : While whifp'ring pleafure as they fly, Cool Zephyrs through the clear blue fky Their
Seite 86 - term affign'd to her here, In the uniform praftice of Religion and Virtue. MADE to engage all hearts, and charm all eyes ; Tho* meek, magnanimous ; tho' witty, wife ; Polite, as all her life in courts had been ; Yet good, as fhe the world had never feen
Seite 87 - The noble fire of an exalted mind, With gentle female tendernefs combin'd. Her Speech was the melodious voice of Love, Her Song the warbling of the vernal Grove ; Her Eloquence was fweeter than her Song, Soft as her Heart, and as her Reafon ftrong ;' Her Form each beauty of her mind exprefs'd, Her mind was Virtue by the Graces drefs'd. ON
Seite 77 - guide ? Ah ! where is now the hand whofe tender care To every Virtue would have form'd your Youth, And ftrew'd with flow'rs the thorny ways of Truth ? O lofs beyond repair! O wretched Father left alone To weep their dire misfortune, and thy own! How fhall thy
Seite 76 - But thofe, the gentleft and the beft, Whofe holy flames with energy divine The virtuous heart enliven and improve. The conjugal, and the maternal love. VI. Sweet babes, who, like the little playful fawns. Were wont to trip along thefe verdant lawns By

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