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" Be grateful for the gift of flowers. Look at the stateliest room in the stateliest mansion; see it decorated with carvings and gilding, with paintings and sculpture, with china vases, ornaments, and costly drapery ; fair though they be, the flowers in... "
The Florist, Fruitist, and Garden Miscellany - Seite 256
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Old Humphrey's Observations

George Mogridge - 1839
...they be, the flowers in the light wicker basket, on the stand, are fairer still. Though all around he rich and rare, The flowers are fairest of the fair...sparkling eye, steals ever and anon a glance at the moss-rosebud, blooming at her breast. We will K not inquire who gathered and placed it there: though...
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Composition and Rhetoric for Schools

Robert Herrick, Lindsay Todd Damon - 1902 - 435 Seiten
...have the flowers in the little wicker basket on the stand. The blushing maiden, elegantly dressed, steals ever and anon a glance at the moss rosebud blooming at her breast. The poor, aged widow looks with satisfaction upon the bunch of gilliflowers in the window of her cottage....
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