The Florist, Fruitist, and Garden Miscellany, Band 10

"Florist" office, 1857
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Seite 262 - ... dahlias, carnations, rockets, stocks, and marigolds ! And still sweeter than all, to roam at liberty in the sunlit fields and sequestered dells, where the modest primrose, the golden buttercup, the splendid foxglove, the dancing daffodil, and the sweet-scented violet, are profusely scattered ! Did you ever lie at your length, at mid-day, on the side of the broad-breasted mountain...
Seite 238 - ... many years in regaining their normal state of health. To add force to this view, we will add, that we have had the satisfaction, lately, of seeing trees of the condemned varieties taken from healthy interior districts to the seaboard, where they have already borne fruit as fair and unblemished as...
Seite 261 - Yes, whether flowers flourish in the garden or bloom in the greenhouse, whether they are scattered on the pathway, sprinkled on the verdant banks, or widely strewn over the mountains and the valleys, they never fail to please; they impregnate the air with their sweetness, and delight the eye with their exquisite beauty. Think of the flowers that you have gathered, smelt, and gazed on; and then ask yourself if you have been sufficiently grateful for the pleasure they have afforded you. Sweet it is...
Seite 86 - the descending sap has only an incomplete analogy with the wants of the stock, the latter does not thrive, though the organic union may have taken place ; and if the analogy between the alburnum of stock and scion is wanting, the organic union does not operate ; the scion cannot absorb the sap of the stock and the graft fails.
Seite 262 - Sweet it is to enter the green-house, filled with elegant flowers, where the night-blowing ceres, the scarlet geranium, the fuchsia, the lobelia, the japonica, the arum, and the china rose, are mingled with a thousand other beautiful flowers ! And sweeter still to walk in the garden, where, in their appropriate seasons, we may see the lovely rose, the gaudy tulip, the stately hollyhock, the magnificent tiger-flower, the gorgeous piony, the anemonies, dahlias, carnations, rockets, stocks, and marigolds...
Seite 86 - ... life in the scion ; the buds of the latter, excited by this supply of sap and the warmth of the season, begin to elaborate and send down woody matter, which, passing through the newly granulated substance of the parts in contact, unites the graft firmly with the stock.
Seite 124 - Index filicum; a synopsis, with characters, of the genera, and an enumeration of the species of ferns, with synonymes, references, &c.
Seite 262 - ... flower of the forget-me-not ? If you have not done these things, you know not the pleasure, the joy, the delight, that may be excited by a flower.
Seite 238 - ... good fruit ; while within a few miles, on strong deep loams, the fruit is fair and beautiful — the trees healthy and luxuriant. In the second place, it arises from the constant propagation of the same stock ; a stock becoming every year more and more enfeebled in those localities by the unfavorable soil and climate. No care is taken to select grafts from trees in healthy districts, and this feeble habit is thus perpetuated in the young grafted trees until it becomes so constitutional, that,...
Seite 262 - Be grateful for the gift of flowers. Look at the stateliest room in the stateliest mansion; see it decorated with carvings and gilding, with paintings and sculpture, with china vases, ornaments, and costly drapery ; fair though they be, the flowers in the light wicker basket, on the stand, are fairer still. Though all around be rich and rare, The flowers are fairest of the fair : And, voiceless as they are, impart Sweet music to the eye and heart. The blushing maiden, elegantly dressed, who trips...

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