Language and Verbal Art Revisited: Linguistic Approaches to the Study of Literature

Donna R. Miller, Monica Turci, Patrick Lee Miller
Equinox, 2010 - 287 Seiten
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This volume, meant for both specialists and non-specialists, will appeal to both the growing number of scholars working in, and students needing to investigate, the field of literary linguistics, or stylistics.

Inspired by Ruqaiya Hasan's conviction that, [...] in verbal art the role of language is central. Here language is not as clothing to the body; it IS the body." (1985/1989: 91), the papers are on a wide variety of aspects of the language-literature connection, and approach it from diverse perspectives and methodological frameworks, including Systemic Functional Linguistics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, ethnolinguistics, cultural and translation studies.

A wide range of literary genres and world literatures are analyzed, including Shakespeare's plays; modern Austrian authors writing in German (e.g., Thomas Bernhard); Perrault's Histoires et contes du temps passé and their translations by Angela Carter; the Spanish poets of the Generación del '50; Malaysian-Singaporean poets in English; Anglo-American Modernist poets (Frost, Stevens, Pound and Lawrence) and novelists (Woolf and Conrad); a short story by Marina Warner and Turkish-German narrative by Feridun Zamo?lu; The Gospel of St. John and Harry Potter.

Separate introductions to each of the contributions seek to guide above all the non-specialist reader by describing and comparing the frameworks that the volume comprises. A general introduction diachronically traces key moments in the development of the study of the language of literature seen as socio-cultural practice.

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Autoren-Profil (2010)

Donna R. Miller holds the Chair of English Linguistics at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University of Bologna, Italy, where she coordinates the English Language Studies Program and directs the graduate degree course in 'Language, Society and Communication'. She also heads the Research Centre for Linguistic-Cultural Studies (CeSLiC) in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature. Her increasingly corpus-assisted research focuses, in a Systemic Functional Linguistics perspective, on discourse and register analysis, principally in institutional and literature text types. For years her work has specifically explored the grammar of evaluation in terms of Appraisal Systems and recently her research also comprises issues of World Englishes. Monica Turci is Assistant Professor of English at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Litertaure of the University of Bologna. Her publications include the volume, Approaching That Perfect Edge. A Study of the Metafictional Writings of Michael Ondaatje 1967-1982, 2001, and articles on the relation between language and literature: "Recasting Translation and Migration: Les Murray's Translation from the Natural World", 2004; "'Remembering in translation': Language and memory in Eva Hoffman's Lost in Translation", 2004; and "Questions of Style in Conrad's Heart of Darkness", in press.

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