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lottfcott: CAMBRIDGE WAREHOUSE, 17, Paternoster Row.
Sam&rOige: Deighton, Bell, And Co.

leipjia: F. A. BROCKHAUS.

[All Rights reserved.']

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The German text of this little volume is taken from F. Kohlrausch's German History (fifteenth edition, Hanover, 1866), permission to reprint this part having been kindly granted by the publishers, Messrs Hahn. A few changes have, however, been introduced by the present editor, and a few excisions have been made. It is hoped that the selection of a well-written and easy narrative of one of the most important periods of modern German history as a text-book for candidates will meet with approval. The notes are intended to convey both grammatical and etymological information, and in general to assist the student in mastering the text. Reference has been made to Dr C. Aue's excellent Grammar of the German Language (in Chambers' Educational Course), and now and then to the useful work of A. Sonnenschein and J. S. Stallybrass, German for the English (London, D. Nutt, 1867). In case the grammar referred to in the notes should not be familiar to the pupils, their instructor should make a point of letting them find the corresponding section in the work they are using and add it in their copy.

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