The Geology of Potter County, Band 21

Board of Commissioners, 1880 - 4 Seiten

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Seite 119 - Parti. The Northern Townships of Butler county. Part II. A special survey made in 1875, along the Beaver and Shenango rivers, in Beaver, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties.
Seite 117 - By F. and WG Platt. Pp. 194, illustrated with 84 wood-cuts and 4 maps and sections. Part I. Cambria. Price, $1 00 ; postage, $0 12.
Seite 117 - I. REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE VENANGO COUNTY DISTRICT — 1874. By John F. Carll. With observations on the Geology around Warren, by FA Randall; and Notes on the Comparative Geology of North-eastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Western New York, by JP Lesley. 8 vo., pp. 127, with 2 maps, a long section, and 7 cuts in the text. Price in paper, 80 60; postage, $0 05.
Seite 117 - E. SPECIAL REPORT ON THE TRAP DYKES AND Azoic ROCKS OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA — 1875. Part I, Historical Introduction. By T. Sterry Hunt. 8 vo., pp. 253. Price, $0 48 ; postage, $0 12.
Seite 119 - Anticlinals and OIL BELT, a contoured map of the Old River Channel at Parker, 83 local sections figured in the text, and 4 page plates. Price, $0 43 ; postage, $0 12.
Seite 117 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE CAMBRIA AND SOMERSET DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS of Western Pennsylvania — 1875. By F. and WG Platt. Pp. 194, illustrated...
Seite 59 - Mr. Hearod's tavern is situated in the Third Basin, and the coal, 1 foot thick, was once opened upon his land. It outcrops on a well marked bench upon the road, 1 mile north of his house. Here, as in many other places, the disintegration of the [Pottsville] conglomerate produces a fine white sand, well adapted to the purposes of the glassmaker. It is said that in sinking the well at Mr. Hearod's clearing, coal of good quality, and 3 feet thick, was struck at a depth of 20 feet below the surface....

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