Strom Thurmond is Not a Racist: And Cleansed

Samuel French, Inc., 2007 - 72 Seiten
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Strom Thurmond is Not a Racist: Inspired by a true story, Strom Thurmond is Not a Racist is an absurdist look at the life of Senator Strom Thurmond. After fathering a child with his black maid as a young man, the extremely white Strom Thurmond became one of the country's greatest segregationists; all the while playing daddy to his bi-racial daughter Essie Mae Washington Williams. How could someone live such a duplicitous life? It happens. Winner of The American Theater Coop¿s National Playwriting Contest in 2005. Cleansed: A new play about a black doctor, his white wife, and the challenges their mixed-race daughter faces growing up in a white-bread Indiana town. From being taunted by Skinheads to becoming a Skinhead, Cleansed explores the underbelly of racial identification in America. Sometimes the hate you have for yourself overwhelms anything anybody else could feel for you.

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