University of Illinois Studies in Language and Literature

University of Illinois Press, 1926
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Seite 289 - At London, Printed by IR, for Thomas Heyes, and are to be sold in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the Greene Dragon, 1600.
Seite 318 - The Conspiracie And Tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron, Marshall of France. Acted lately in two playes, at the Black-Friers. Written by George Chapman, Printed by G. Eld for Thomas Thorppr..
Seite 308 - I know, knows well £>ui bene latuit, bene vixit, still. Jonson was at this time a great friend of Chapman, and an enemy of Northampton. Northampton had lived apart from the court in the preceding reign (Parrott, p. 774 and note 2). Query: can Chapman be championing Jonson by directing his satire especially at Northampton ? Michaelmas Term, by Middleton. Title page: Michaelmas Terme. As it hath been sundry times acted by the Children of Paules.
Seite 283 - Tom Tyler and His Wife. An excellent old Play, as It was Printed and Acted about a hundred Years ago. Together, with an exact Catalogue of all the playes that were ever yet printed. The second Impression. London, Printed in the Year, 1661.
Seite 74 - The sam day at nyght at the quen('s) court ther was a play a-for her grace, the wyche the plaers plad shuche matter that they wher commondyd to leyffoff, and contenent the maske cam in dansyng.
Seite 310 - Eastward Hoe. As It was playd in the Black-friers. By the Children of her Maiesties Reuels. Made by Geo: Chapman. Ben: lohnson.
Seite 76 - But if your eager looks do long such toys to see, As heretofore in comical wise were wont abroad to be, Your lust is lost, and all the pleasures that you sought, Is frustrate quite of toying plays.
Seite 87 - He again posteth it over, as fast as he can gallop. For either he hath two places to serve, or else there are some games to be played in the afternoon, as lying for the whetstone, heathenish dancing...
Seite 308 - That found no eyes), to see that gentleman Alive, in state and credit, executed, Help to rip up himself does all he can ? Why am I wife to him that is no man ? I suffer in that gentleman's confusion.
Seite 300 - twas created, how the soul exists : One talks of motes, the soul was made of motes ; Another fire, t'other light, a third A spark of star-like nature ; Hippo water, Anaximenes air, Aristoxenus music ; Critias, I know not what. A company of odd phrenetici ! Did eat my youth ; and when I crept abroad...

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