Chess and Playing Cards: Catalogue of Games and Implements for Divination Exhibited by the United States National Museum in Connection with the Department of Archæology and Palæontology of the University of Pennsylvania at the Cotton States and International Exposition, Atlanta, Georgia, 1895

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1898 - 1 Seiten
Originally published in 1898, this volume contains a catalogue of games and implements for divination exhibited by the United States National Museum in connection with the Department of Archaeology and Paleontology of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Seite 688 - The partners toss up the dice from the basket, letting them drop again into it, and score points according to the way the dice turn up in the basket. The first throw by each player is made from the hand instead of from the basket. One hundred points usually count a game, and stakes are wagered on the result as in almost every other Indian contest of skill or chance. For the purpose of explanation we shall designate two of the five as "rounds" and the other three as "diamonds...
Seite 724 - This was strictly a fireside game, although it was sometimes introduced as an amusement at the season of religious councils, the people dividing into tribes, as usual, and betting upon the result.
Seite 718 - Six of the latter, he believes, make a complete set. One side tosses the whole set one at a time at the opposite stake, and the points which they make are counted up by their opponents from the position of the twisters as they fall. He did not learn how the points were reckoned, except that twisters "The 1'nwnee Indians.
Seite 725 - Todo da' ho, who flourished at the formation of the League. A popular belief prevailed that this game would be enjoyed by them in the future life — In the realm of the Great Spirit — which is perhaps but an extravagant way of expressing their admiration for the game. A dish, about a foot in diameter at the base, was carved out of a knot or made of earthen.
Seite 693 - ... the bowl with the figures into it, while giving it a slight shake. The more figures stand upright on the smooth bottom of the bowl through this shake all the better for the player. Each figure has its value, and some of them represent to a certain extent the pieces in the game of chess. There are also other figures, which may similarly be called the pawns. The latter, carved into small round stars, are all alike, have no pedestal, but are red on one side and plain on the other, and are counted...
Seite 894 - The only essential points were that the numbers should be odd and that there should be enough of them so that when the pile was divided into two parts, a glance would not reveal which of the two divisions contained the odd number of straws. In its simplest form, the game consisted, in separating the heap of straws into two parts, one of which each player took, and he whose pile contained the odd number of straws was the winner. Before the division was made the straws were subjected to a manipulation,...
Seite 818 - My people ask counsel at their stocks, and their staff declareth unto them: for the spirit of whoredoms hath caused them to err, and they have gone a whoring from under their God.
Seite 704 - ... into the air, and on the manner in which they fall into the tray depends his gain or loss. If his stroke has been to a certain extent fortunate, the player strikes again and again, as in the game of billiards, until he misses, when it passes to the next.
Seite 758 - ... himself is not wealthy the stakes are furnished by his rich friends, should he have any. The players are called in one at a time, and play singly against the ghost's representative, the gambling being done in recent years by means of cards. If the invited player succeeds in beating the ghost he takes one of the piles of goods and passes out when another is invited to play, etc., until all the piles of goods are won. In cases of men only the men play and in cases of women the women only take part...
Seite 730 - Kiowa call the trump stick sahe, green, on account of the green stripe, while the others are called guadal, red. There are also a number of small green sticks, about the size of lead pencils, for keeping tally. Each player in turn takes up the four sticks together in her hand and throws them down on end upon the stone In the center. The number of points depends upon the number of Hat or round sides which turn up.

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