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* Would not my Sire, with stern contracted

c Brows,
“ Condemn my Choice, and curse my nup-

66 tial Vows ?
" Was it for this I learn'd the Merchant's

66 Art?
« Only to gain a doating Negro's Heart !
Was it for this the raging Seas I croft ?
“ No; Gold induc'd me to the Indian Coast;
" And Gold is offer'd for this simple Dame;
“ Shall I refuse it, or renounce my Flame?
“ Let am'rous Fools their tiresome Joys re-

" And doat on Love, while Int'rest I pursue.”.
He added not; for now, intent on Gold,
And dead to all Remorse, the Dame he sold.

Amanda stood confounded with Surprize,
And silently reproach'd him with her Eyes :
She often try'd to speak, but when she try'd,
Her Heart swell’d full, her Voice its Aid de-

ny'd ;
And, when she made her fault'ring Tongue

These Words, commix’d with Sighs, found

out their Way:
" Who can the mystic Ways of Fate ex-

" plain?
Am I awake, or do I dream again?
“ Is this the fad Reward of all my Care ?
“ Was it for this I chear'd thee in Despair?


66 The

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« The Gods above (if any Gods there be) " Witness what I have done to succour thee! " Yet, if my Kindness can't thy Pity move, « Pity the Fruits of our unhappy Love : " Oh ! let the Infant in my pregnant Womb, " Excite thee to revoke my threaten's Doom! " Think how the future Slave, in Climes re

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Shall curse the treach'rous Sire, that him be

got.” So spake the mourning Dame, but spake in

vain; Th' obdurate Youth insults her with Disdain; Not all her Kindness could his Pity move, Nor yet the Fruits of their unhappy Love. But, as the Flames, which foften Wax, dif

play The same warm Force to harden fordid Clay; That Motive, which would melt another Heart, More harden'd his, and made him act a double

Villain's Part. He, for the Child, demands a larger Sum; And sells it, while an Embryo in the Womb.

And now he sternly takes her by the Hand; Then drags her on, reluctant, to the Land ; While, as the walks, her dismal Fate the

moans, The Rocks around her echo to her Groans :

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« O base, ungrateful Youth ! she loudly cries; “ O base, ungrateful Youth ! the Shore re

“ plies : “ And canst thou, cruel, perjur'd Villain !

o leave Thy tender Infant too, an abject Slave, “ To toil, and groan, and bleed beneath the

" Rod ? “ Fool, that I was, to think thou wert a God! “ Sure from some favage Tiger art thou

“ fprung “ No! Tigers feed, and fawn upon, their

" Young: " But thou despisest all paternal Cares, “ The Fate of Infants, and their Mothers

« Pray’rs.”
In vain she does her wretched State deplore ;
Pleas'd with the Gold, he gladly quits the

The ruffing Winds dilate the Sails, the Ship
Divides the Waves, and skims along the Deep.
Three Days the bellying Canvass gently swells,
Clear shines the Sun, and friendly blow the

Then frowning Clouds invest the vaulted Sky,
And hollow.Winds proclaim a Tempest nigh;
Fierce Boreas loudly o'er the Ocean roars,
Smoke the white Waves, and found the ad-
verse Shores ;


While to increase the Horrors of the Main,
Descends a Deluge of impetuous Rain.
The giddy Ship on circling Eddies rides,
Toss’d, and re-toss'd, the Sport of Winds and

Redoubled Peals of roaring Thunder roll,
And Flames, conflicting, flash from Pole to

While guilty Thoughts distract Avaro's Soul.
Of Life despairing, tho' afraid to die,
One fatal Effort


he means to try : While all the busy Crew, with panting Breath, Were lab'ring to repel the liquid Death; Avaro from the Stern the Boat divides, And yields up to the Fury of the Tides : Tofs'd on the boist'rous Wave, the Vessel flies, Now finking low, now mounting to the Skies; Till foon the Storm decreas'd, and, by De

grees, Hush'd were the Winds, and calm the ruffled


The Sailors safely steer their Course again,
And leave Avaro floating on the Main;
Who landed quickly on a lonely Isle,
Where human Feet ne'er print the baleful Soil ;
A dreary Wilderness was all appear’d,
And howling Wolves the only Sound he heard;
A thousand Deaths he views before his Eyes,
A thousand Guilt-created Fiends arise ;


A conscious Hell within his Bosom burns,
And racks his tortur'd Soul, while thus he


“ Curs'd be the Precepts of my felfish Sire, " Who bad me after fatal Gold aspire ! * Curs'd be myself, and doubly curs’d, who sold A faithful Friend, to gain that fatal Gold !-“O! could these gloomy Woods my Sin con

ceal, « Or in my Bosom quench this fiery Hell; “ Here would I pine my wretched Life away, “ Or to the hungry Savage fall a Prey “ But can the gloomy Woods conceal my Sin? “ Or cooling Shadows quench the Hell within? “ No; like some Spirit banish'd Heav'n, I find « Terrors in ev'ry Place to rack my Mind; Tormenting conscious Plagues increase my

66 Care, “ And guilty Thoughts indulge my just Des

ct pair

« O! where shall I that piercing Eye evade, “ That scans the Depths of Hell's tremen

66 dous Shade ? So saying, straight he gave a hideous Glare, With rolling Eyes, that witness'd strong Despair: Then drew his pointed Weapon from the

Sheath, Confus’dly.wild, and all his Thoughts on Death; To pierce his trembling Heart he thrice essay'd, And thrice his coward Arm deny'd its Aid :: C3


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