The farmer's boy; a rural poem [ed. by C. Lofft. On fine paper].


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Seite 21 - Did your eye brighten, when young lambs at play Leap'd o'er your path with animated pride, Or gazed in merry clusters by your side ? Ye who can smile, to wisdom no disgrace, At the arch meaning of a kitten's face...
Seite 22 - Away they scour, impetuous, ardent, strong, The green turf trembling as they bound along ; Adown the slope, then up the hillock climb, Where every molehill is a bed of thyme ; There panting stop ; yet scarcely can refrain ; A bird, a leaf, will set them off again : Or, if a gale with strength unusual blow, Scattering the wild-briar roses into snow, Their little limbs increasing efforts try, Like the torn flower the fair assemblage fly.
Seite 31 - O'er the smooth plantain-leaf, a spacious plain! Thence higher still, by countless steps convey'd, He gains the summit of a shiv'ring blade, 323 21—2 And flirts his filmy wings, and looks around, Exulting in his distance from the ground.
Seite 47 - The widening distance which I daily see, Has Wealth done this? - then Wealth's a foe to me; Foe to our rights ; that leaves a powerful few The paths of emulation to pursue: For emulation stoops to us no more: The hope of humble industry is o'er; The blameless hope, the cheering sweet presage Of future comforts for declining age.
Seite 46 - tis the peasant's curse, That hourly makes his wretched station worse; Destroys life's intercourse; the social plan That rank to rank cements, as man to man...
Seite xxiv - ... from keeping sheep, hogs, &c., his shoes filled full of stumps in the heels. He, looking about him, slipped up : his nails were unused to a flat pavement. I remember viewing him as he scampered up : how small he was. I little thought that little fatherless boy would be one day known and esteemed by the most learned, the most respected, the wisest, and the best men of the kingdom.
Seite 19 - Where'er she treads, love gladdens every plain, Delight on tiptoe bears her lucid train ; Sweet hope with conscious brow before her flies, Anticipating wealth from Summer skies^ All nature feels her renovating sway ; The sheep-fed pasture, and the meadow gay ; And trees, and shrubs, no longer budding seen, Display the new-grown branch of lighter green ; On airy downs the shepherd idling lies, And sees to-morrow in the marbled skies.
Seite 13 - Straight to the meadow then he whistling goes ; With well-known halloo calls his lazy cows : Down the rich pasture heedlessly they graze, Or hear the summons with an idle gaze ; For well they know the cow-yard yields no more Its tempting fragrance, nor its wintry store. Reluctance marks their steps, sedate and slow ; The right of conquest all the law they know ; The strong press on, the weak by turns succeed...
Seite 88 - His half-heal'd wounds inflamed ; again the wheels With tiresome sameness in his ears resound, O'er blinding dust, or miles of flinty ground. Thus nightly robb'd and injured day by day, His piecemeal murderers wear his life away.
Seite 16 - He drains the pump, from him the faggot burns ; From him the noisy Hogs demand their food ; While at his heels run many a chirping brood, Or down his path in expectation stand, With equal claims upon his strewing hand. Thus wastes the morn, till each with pleasure sees The bustle o'er, and press'd the new-made cheese.

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