The New York Civil List: Containing the Names and Origin of the Civil Divisions, and the Names and Dates of Election Or Appointment of the Principal State and County Officers from the Revolution to the Present Time

Weed, Parsons and Company, 1858 - 429 Seiten
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Seite 344 - The court for the trial of impeachments, shall be composed of the President of the Senate, the Senators, or a major part of them, and the judges of the court of appeals, or a major part of them. On the trial of an impeachment against the Governor, the LieutenantGovernor shall not act as a member of the court.
Seite 102 - America and Great Britain, an act or acts be passed by the legislature of this state, for causing all elections thereafter to be held in this state for senators and representatives in assembly, to be by ballot, and directing the manner in which the same shall be conducted.
Seite 40 - An Act to Provide for the Improvement of the Internal Navigation of the State," passed on the 8th day of April, 1811, who were Gouverneur Morris, Stephen Van Rensselaer, De Witt Clinton, Simeon De Witt, William North, Thomas Eddy, Peter B. Porter, Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton...
Seite 357 - They have equity jurisdiction for the foreclosure of mortgages ; for the sale of the real estate of infants ; for partition of lands ; for admeasurement of dower ; for the satisfaction of judgments where above $ 75 is due on an unsatisfied execution; and for the care and custody of lunatics and habitual drunkards. The Surrogates' Courts have the ordinary jurisdiction of courts of probate.
Seite 102 - It is further ordained, That if after a full and fair experiment shall be made of voting by ballot aforesaid, the same shall be found less conducive to the safety or interest of the state, than the method of voting viva voce...
Seite 354 - ... possess the powers of a justice of the supreme court at chambers, and in the trial of issues joined in the supreme court, and in courts of oyer and terminer and jail delivery.
Seite 102 - ... would tend more to preserve the liberty and equal freedom of the people, than voting viva voce ; To the end, therefore, that a fair experiment be made, which of those two methods of voting is to be preferred...
Seite 39 - Instruction, to be filled by joint ballot of the Senate and Assembly, for a term of three years. He has general superintendence of the public schools ; visits them ; inquires into their management ; advises and directs in regard to their course of instruction and discipline. He apportions and distributes the public moneys appropriated by the State for the support of schools ; examines the supplementary...
Seite 358 - Board of Railroad Commissioners was created by chapter 353, Laws of 1882, and consists of three members, to be appointed by the Governor and Senate for a term of five years. Of the Commissioners first appointed, one was to serve for a term of three years, one four years, and one five years. They have...
Seite 354 - State shall not meddle or hold pleas of anything done within this State, but only of things done upon the sea, as it hath been formerly used; and further that of all manner of contracts, pleas and quarrels, and of all other things done arising within the body of any county of this State, as well by land as by water, and also of wreck, of the sea, the Court of Admiralty...

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