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he may be found; call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the uplo just man his thoughts, and let him return to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him and to our God, for he is bountiful to forgive. For my thoughts are not your thoughts: nor your ways iny ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are my ways exalted above your ways, and my thoughts above your thoughts. And as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and return no more thither, but soak the earth and water it, and make it to spring, and give seed to the sower, and bread to the cater: word be which shall go forth from my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall do whatsoever I please, and shall prosper in the things for which I sent it, saith the Lord Almighty.

GRAD. Ps. cxl.--Let my prayer_be directed as incense in thy sight, O Lord. V. The lifting up my hands as evening sacrifice.

GOSPEL. Matt. xxi. 10. 17.-At that time : When he was come into Jerusalem, the whole city was moved, saying: Who is this? And the people said: This is Jesus the prophet, From Nazareth of Galilee. And Jesus went the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the chairs of them that sold doves: and he saith to them: It is written, “My house shall be called the house of prayer ; but you have made it a den of thieves.” And there came to him the blind and the lame in the temple: and he healed them. And the chief priests and scribes seeing the won derful things that he did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying: “ Hossama to the son of David, were moved with indignation, and said to him: Hearest thou what these say? And Jes sus said to them: Yea, have you never read: “ Out of the mouths of infants and of sucklings thou hast perfected praise?" And leaving them he went out of the city into Bethania, and remained there.

OFFERT. Ps. *xx.- In thee, O Lord, have I hopel: I have said: Thou art my God, the days of my life are in thy hands.

SECRET. Be appeased, O Lord, with the offerings we have made, and defend us from all danger. Thro'.

COMM. Ps. iv.-When I called thou didst hear me, the Gol of my justice: when I was in distress thou hast enlarged me: have mercy upon me, o Lore), and hear my prayer.

P. COMM. Quisumus.-We beseech thee, O Almighty God, that we may one day receive the effects of that salvation, of which we have received the pledge in these mysteries. Thro'.

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God.

PRAYER Ascendunt. May our prayers, 0 Lord, ascend to thes, and deliver thy church from all wickedness. Thro'.


INTROIT. Ps. xxiv. REmember , O Lord, thy bowels

of compassion; and thy mercies that are from the beginning of the world : lest our enemies rule over us: deliver'us, o God of Israel, from all our distress: Ps. To thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in thee, O my Gud, I put my trust; let me not be ashamed. V. Glory.

After the Kyrie eleison, is said: Let us pray. Let us kneel down, R. Stand up again.

1. COLLECT. Preces nostras.-Mercifully hear our prayers, O Lord, we beseech thee, and stretch forth the right hand of thy power against every thing that opposeth us. Thro'. I. LESSON. Exod. xxiv. 12. 18.-In those days :


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Thie Lord said to Moses: Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tables of stone, and the law, and the commandmei:is which I have written: that thou mayest teach them. Moses rose up, and his ininister Josue: and Mose's going up into the mount of Gol, said to the ancie ents: Wait ye here till we return to you, yon bare Aaron and Hur with you: if any gade'stion shall rise, you shall refer it w them. And when Jose's wils gone up, a cloud covered the mo:it. And the glory of the Loril, dwelt !;1011 Sirai, covering it with a cloud six days, apkl the severith diy he called him out of the midst of the clou. Alii the sight of the glory of the Lord, was like a burning tire upon the top of the mount, in the eyes of the chil. dren of Israel. And Moses entering into the midst of the cloud, went up into the mountain: and he was there forty days, and forty nights.

GRAD. Ps.The troubles of my heart are multiplied: from my necessities deliver ine O Lord. V. See my abjection and my labour; and forgive me all

my sins.

II. COLLECT. Devotionem.-We beseech thee, O Lord, mercifully to regard the devotion of thy people: that mortifying their bodies hy fasting, their minds may be refreshed by good works. Thro'.

II. LESSON. 3 Kings xix. 3. &.In those days : Elias came into Bersabee of Juda, and left his servant there. And he went forward one day's journey into the desart. And when he was there, and sat under a juniper tree, he requested for his soul that he might die, and said: It is enough for me, Lord, take away my soul: for I am no better than my fathers. And he cast himself down, and slept in the shadow of the juniper tree: and behold an angel of the Lord touched him and said to him: Arise und eat. And he looked, and behold there was at kis head a hearth-cake and a vessel of water; and

he ate and drank, and he fell asleep again. And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said to him: Arise, eat: for thou hast yet a great way to go. And he arose, and ate, and drank, and walked in the strength of that food forty days and forty nights, unto the mount of God.

TRACT. Ps. xxiv.-From my necessities, deliver me O Lord; see my abjection and my labour and forgive ine all my sins. V. To thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in thee, O my God, do I put my trust, let me not be ashamed. Neither let my enemies laugh at me. V. For none of them that wait on thee shall be confounded: let all them be confounded, who do vain things.

GOSPEL. Matt. xii. 38.--At that time : Some of the Scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying: Master, we would see a sign from thee. Who answering said to them: An evil and adulterous generation seeketh for a sign; and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. For as Jonas was in the whale's belly three days and three nights: so shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. The men of Ninive shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it; because they did penance at the preaching of Jonas. And behold a greater than Jonas here. The queen of the south shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and behold a greater than Solomon here. When an unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith: I will return into my house, from whence I came out. And coming he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then he goeth, and taketh with sa hin seven other spirits more wicked than himself,

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and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state. of that man is made worse than the first. So shall it be also to this wicked generation. As he was yet speaking to the multitudes, behold his mother and his brethren stood without, seeking to speak to him. And ove said unto him, Behold thy mother and thy brethren stand without seeking thee. But he answering him that told him, said: Who is my mother, and who are my brethren? and stretching forth his hand towards his disciples, he said: Behold my mother and my brethren. For whosoever shall do the will of my Father that is in heaven; he is my brother, and sister, and mother.

OFFERT. Ps. cxviii.- I will meditate on thy law, which I have loved exceelingly; and I will put in practice thy commandments, which I have loved.

SECRET. We offer thee, O Lord, this sacrifice of propitiation, that thou wouldst mercifully forgive us our sins, and guide our tottering hearts. Thro'.

COMM. Ps. V.~Hear my cry; attend to the voice of my prayer, O my King and my God, for to thee I will pray, O Lord.

P. COMM. Tui, Domine.-May the receiving of this thy sacrament, O Lord, both cleanse us from our hidden sius, and deliver us from the snares of our enemies. Thro'.

Let us pray. Bow down your heads to God.

PRAYER. Mentes.--Enlighten, beseech thee, O Lord, our minds with the light of thy brightness: that we may discern what is to be done, and be able to do it. Tiro.



INTROIT. Ps. xcv. PRAISE and beauty are before him: holiness

and majesty in his sarıcłdry. P's. Sing to the Lord a new cazuicle, sing to the Lord all the earth. V. Glory.

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