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It is distinguished for its cooling and soothing properties, and is admirably removing tan, sunburn, freckles, redness and roughness of the skin, curing ch by the bites of mosquitoes and other aynoying insects.

ofeu Lo all unnatural conditions of the skin. ** hands, and allaying the irritation caused

The Kalliston is highly recommend in the


Mothers will find BURNETT'S KALLISTON peculiarly adapted to the bathing of 3. It allays all tendency to inflammation, is perfectly harmless, and imparts to the skin a clear and healthy appearance. As a Wash for the Head, Cooling, Cleansing, and Refinu. For Bites of Mosquitoes

and other Insects, neutralizing the poison au ost stantaneously. No part of our physical organization is more worthy of careful attention that he su Its delicate structure and mechanism rerder it sensitive to the slightest obstructions, whether arising from sunte:n, 1. n dust, or the changing air und wind. BURNETTİN KALLISTON is prepared expressly to remove all these ; and the result of its use is a perfectly healthy action, and a softness and loveliness of texture that health alone will induce.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., July 11. MESSRS. JOSEPH BURNETT & Co.: Gentlemen, — A single application of th Rallis on has repeatedly removed the freckles from the face of my little boy, leaving his skin smooth and fair. And in all of unburo, or irritation of the skin, it has proved itself a perfect remedy, I can refer you to several cases of obstinate cutaneous disease, in which the list

wonderfully good effect. Yours respectfully,


JOSEPH BURNETT & CO., Sole Pror i ors, Boston, Mass.

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se following is one among hundreds of testimonials we have received in regard to the superiority of the “Weed."

HARTFORD, Jan. 11, 1870. MR L. CLARK, Secretary.

Sir :- The Weed “Family Favorite! Ma has given me perfect satisfaction, and I am py to give it my unqualified approval. I ai aled considerable trouble in leamlog how to e it, but was agreeably disappointed in th: Dect. With a very little showing I was ab o the various kinds of work which a fam. у res, and instead of being irksome, I find it a real pleasure to sit down to my ma

or a few hours' work. I consider the



i" as near perfection in a machine as is poss', and have never found any of that perverg *g or refusal to do whatever I wish, – that

iousness” which I frequensly hear compla of in other kinds of machines.

Respectfully yours,


“SHUTTLE,” “STRAIGHT NEEDLE,” “SELI DJUSTING TENSION," not complicated in construction ; easy to regulate and to clear ; not liable to get out of order; simple to learn and to operate; guaranteed to do a wider ange of work without change than any other machine.

OF Agents Wanted. Address,

WEED SEWING MACHINE CO., 349 Washington St., Boston;

613 Broadway, New York. Manufactory, Hartford, Ct.

Electrotyped and Printed at the University Press, Cambridge, by Welch, Bigelow, & Co.

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713 BROADWAY, New York.


Yearly SUBSCRIPTION, $4.00.
CLUBS : Two Copies, $7.00: Five Copies, $ 16.00; Ten Copies, $ 30.00,

and each additional Copy, $ 3.00.
For every Club of Twenty Subscribers an additional copy will be furnished gratis.

cal Dictionary. — Coffin's Seat of Empire. 191 - Smart's Race for a Wife.


Every letter on business relating to the "ATLANTIC Monthly" should have the name of the State as well as the noe fem which it comes. korter ng a change in direction of magazines sh uld always give both the old and the new address IN FULL.

No teu Le monde after the Sth of any month in the address of magazines for the following month.

Providence, R. I.

SOLID SILVER TABLE WARE, PRESENTATION SERVICES Marriage Presents, Ornamental Dinner Pieces,

in Fine Art Character. Wish unrivalled facilities for selecting fine Silver-Ware, our stock fully represents the latest and most approved desig

produced by the GORHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY. We are daily in receipt of specialties made by this company, and call attention to their new style of finish, both povel a pleasing in effect, without increase in cost.


All Silver stamped “Gorham Mfg. Co."



2 vols. 16mo. $4.00. POPULAR EDITION.

" In these full, frank, and beautiful diaries we have a b

ter picture of Hawthorne than any other hand than his o 2 vols. 12mo. With Memoir and Fine Portrait.

could draw. We learn to appreciate the exquisite refinem

of his nature, and love him for the tenderness and beauty of Price reduced to $2.00.

character far more than we ever did before." —N. Y. Tribu

“The readers of current English literature have had a This edition is publish d hy special arrangement with Rev. lightful surprise in the publication of these Note-Books F. W. Robertson's literary executor It is thy only complete Hawthorne, in finding them rich in revelations of the chart American edition, containing more than Fifty Discourses not ter of the man, and in passages of pleasant description, included in any other.

yond any of his former writings. There is a freshness & The Publishers off r this edition at the exceedingly low unstudied simplicity in his daily memoranda that can only price above named, that these most remarkable Sermons may found in writings not intended by the author for publication have a universal circulation.

- New York Evening Post. For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, free of postage, on re For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, post-paid, OR TICA ceipt of price, by the Publishers,

of prire, by the Publishers, FIELDS, OSGOOD, & CO., Boston. FIELDS, OSGOOD, & CO, Boston.

LARRABEEBROS.CO: Office and Salesrooms, 93, 195;& 97North St., Boston, MA

Sole New England Agents for SELF-FEEDING AND BASE-BURNING FURNACES, manufactu hy EDDY, CORSE, & CO.. Victor Foundry, Troy, N. Y. Five Portable Sizes. Galvanized Iron Casing. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 Three sizes set in brick. Nos. 3, 4, 5.

Our Furnace, by its merits, has achieved in its sale and operation an unprecedented success. It has many advanta whirh make it superior to all of hers. It is self-feeding, requiring attention but once in twenty-four hours, for the supply of fuel, removing the ashes, filling the water reservoir, and for doing everything necessary to its perfect operation. Fire i be kept throughout the seasou without r-kindling. It is very económical in fuel. Its radiating surface and power of hea cold air is unsurpassed. It is self-cleaning, is easily managed, and we warrant it in all points to be the best furnace m and know it will give satisfaction wherever tried. Send for circular of the Furnace, with full description, directions for set and using, prices, references, &c. We call attention to the letters

From Collector Russell.

CUSTOM Horse. Boston, COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, March 9, 187 Gentlemen, -- I have used your Self-Feeding Furnace, and take pleasure in testifying to its power as a heater ; to the sa both of fuel and labor attending its use, and to the purity of the air in a house that is warmned by it

The Furnace is powerful, economical, easily managed, and gives a pleasant heat. Very respectfully,
Messrs. LARRABEE Bros. & Co.

(Signed) THOMAS RUSSEL Froin Col. Charles G. Greene, Editor of the Boston Post.

BOSTON, April 2, 189 MERSRS. LARRABEE Bros. & Co. Gentlemen, I have had in constant use during the past winter one of your SIAing and Bast-Burning Furuaces, and have found it equal in all respects to your representations, in convenience, economy heating pwr.

Yours respectfully,


C. G. GREEN And from Dr. Chas. T. Jackson, State Assayer to the Commonwealth of Massachusett

BOSTON, March 13, 18 Messrs. LARRABEE Bros. & Co Gentlemen, I had one of your No 5 Self-Feeding and Base-Burning Furnace into my house on the 25th day of November, 1868, and have now the pleasure of r+ porting to you the results of its Seven large rooms have been kept warm vay and night, at temperatures varying from 60 degrees in the night, to 70 degrees in the daytime. A large entry and stairway have also been kept at the same temperatures.

The sizes of th: rooms warmed are as follows : Omice, 20 x 20 feet, Diving Room, 17 x 17f+t, Small Parlor, 18 X Large Parlor, 23 x 25 feet, Nursery, 15 x 17 feet, Chamber. 20 X 21 feet, Entry and Stairway, 7 x 52 feet. Ceilings 12 feed

In all these rooms we have had a superabundance of heat in the coldest of weather, and have rarely required the ney draft to be more than half opened, and much of the time the ventilator to the flue has had to be closed, so as to din the draft.

The fire has never been extinguished, and hence we have saved * 10 worth of kindling wood. The coal consumed ha exactly the same as was required to run my OLD FURNACE DURING THE DAYTIME ONLY, while the availabl has been far more than the old furnace could produce in that condition. I should think we had MORE THAN DOUBLE THE HEAT that our former furnace supplied.

I cannot give the amount of water evaporated, since my basin is supplied by automatic apparatus, but the moisture air in our house has been just right for comfort and health, and there has been no excess of deposit on tha glass of dows, as would have been the case had there been a surplus of water evaporated by the furnace.

We have not had a water pipe freeze this winter, though in former winters that troublesome accident was a frequent rence, very annoying to us and injurious to the house.

I do not know but that better furnaces can be made, but I can say that this is the best one I have ever seen, and examined nearly all the new ones which have been offered to the public to Boston for some years past. R-spectfully your obedient servant,


CHAS. T. JACKSON, And a large number of references from every part of the United States.

Also agents for the “ VICTOR LIGHT PARLOR STOVE," the best base-burner made.



A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art, ,

and Politics.

VOL. XXVI. - AUGUST, 1870. — NO. CLIV.



plead ignorance, however, when the CHAPTER XX.

Light is there, and we wilfully turn OSEPH had made half the distance our eyes from it. You are walking on

between Oakland Station and his a road, Joseph Asten, it may seem farm, walking leisurely, when a buggy, smooth and fair to you, but do you drawn by an aged and irreproachable know where it leads ? I will tell you : gray horse, came towards him. The to Death and Hell ! driver was the Reverend Mr. Chaffinch. Still Joseph was silent. He stopped as they met.

" It is not too late! Your fault, I “Will you turn back, as far as that fear, is that you attach merit to works, tree ?" said the clergyman, after greet- as if works could save you! You look ings had been exchanged. “ I have a to a cold, barren morality for support, message to deliver.

and imagine that to do wbat is called “ Now,” he continued, reining up his 'right' is enough for God! You shut horse in the shade, “we can talk with your eyes to the blackness of your own, out interruption. I will ask you to sinful heart, and are too proud to aclisten to me with the spiritual, not knowledge the vileness and depravity the carnal ear. I must not be false to of man's nature ; but without this acmy high calling, and the voice of my knowledgment your morality (as you call own conscience calls me to awaken it) is corrupt, your good works (as you yours.”

suppose them to be) will avail you Joseph said nothing, but the flush naught. You are outside the pale of upon his face was that of anger, not Grace, and while you continue there, of confusion, as Mr. Chaffinch inno- knowing the door to be open, there is cently supposed.

no Mercy for you!” " It is hard for a young man, es- The flush on Joseph's face faded, and pecially one wise in his own conceit, to he became very pale, but he still waited. see how the snares of the Adversary “I hope,” Mr. Chaffinch continued, are closing around him. We cannot after a pause, “that your silence is the

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by Fields, OSGOOD, & Co., in the Clerk's Office

of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts, VOL. XXVI. NO. 154.


beginning of conviction. It only needs in all your members from the sins of an awakening, an opening of the eyes in the flesh, I might have a little hope. them that sleep. Do you not recognize Verily, it shall go easier with the mur. your guilt, your miserable condition of derer and the adulterer on that day, sin?”

than with such as ye ! ” “No!


the horse a more than saintMr. Chaffinch started, and an ugly, ly stroke, and the vehicle rattled away. menacing expression came into his Joseph could not see the predominance face.

of routine in all that Mr. Chaffinch had “ Before you speak again,” said Jo- said. He was too excited to rememseph, “tell me one thing! Am I in- ber that certain phrases are transmitdebted for this Catechism to the order ted, and used without a thought of - perhaps I should say, the request –

their tremendous character; he apof my wife?"

plied every word personally, and felt it “I do not deny that she has ex- as an outrage in all the sensitive fibres pressed a Christian concern for your of his soul. And who had invoked the state ; but I do not wait for a request outrage ? His wife: Mr. Chaffinch when I see a soul in peril. If I care had confessed it. What representafor the sheep that willingly obey the tions had she made ? — he could only shepherd, how much more am I com- measure them by the character of the manded to look after them which stray, clergyman's charges.

He sat down on and which the wolves and bears are the bank, sick at heart; it was imposgreedy to devour !”

sible to go home and meet her in his “Have you ever considered, Mr. present frame of mind. Chaffinch," Joseph rejoined, lifting his Presently he started up, crying aloud: head and speaking with measured clear-. “I will go to Philip! He cannot help ness, “that an intelligent man may pos- me, I know, but I must have a word sibly be aware that he has an immortal of love from a friend, or I shall go soul, — that the health and purity and mad !” growth of that soul may possibly be He retraced his steps, took the road his first concern in life, that no other up the valley, and walked rapidly man can know, as he does, its imper- towards the Forge. The tumult in his fections, its needs, its aspirations which blood gradually expended its force, but rise directly towards God; and that it had carried him along more swiftly the attempt of a stranger to examine than he was aware. When he reached and criticise, and perhaps blacken, this the point where, looking across the *most sacred part of his nature, may valley, now narrowed to a glen, he possibly be a pious impertinence ?” could see the smoke of the Forge near

“Ah, the natural depravity of the at hand, and even catch a glimpse of heart !” Mr. Chaffinch groaned. the cottage on the knoll, he stopped.

“It is not the depravity, it is the Up to this moment he had felt, not reonly pure quality which the hucksters flected ; and a secret instinct told him of doctrine, the money - changers in that he should not submit his trouble God's temple of Man, cannot touch ! to Philip's riper manhood, uptil it was Shall I render a reckoning to you on made clear and coherent in his own the day when souls are judged ? Are mind. He must keep Philip's love, at you the infallible agent of the Divine all hazards; and to keep it he must not Mercy? What blasphemy!”

seem simply a creature of moods and Mr. Chaffinch shuddered. " I wash sentiments, whom his friend might pity, my hands of you !” he cried. “I have but could not respect. had to deal with many sinners in my He left the road, crossed a sloping day, but I have found no sin which field on the left, and presently found came so directly from the Devil as the himself on a bank overhanging the pride of the mind. If you were rotten stream. Under the wood of oaks and

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