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The Third Annual Meeting of the Society was held at Cambridge, December 27 to 30, conjointly with the annual meetings of the American Philological Association, the Modern Language Association of America, the Archaeological Institute of America, and the College Art Association of America. The societies were the guests of Harvard University. Record was secured of the attendance of the following members and members-elect of the Society, at its various sessions:

B. M. Allen, L. Allen.

L. C. Barrett, P. Barry, S. E. Bassett, W. N. Bates, C. H. Beeson, Miss G. H. Beggs, L. Bloomfield, G. M. Bolling, W. N. Brown, C. D. Buck.

H. Caplan, F. S. Cawley, G. D. Chase, Miss E. F. Claflin, J. M. Clapp, H. M. Cleasby, Miss R. D. Cornelius, H. Craig.

Miss H. Dean, R. J. Deferrari, N. W. DeWitt, H. G. Doyle, D. L. Drew.

Miss H. S. Eaton, O. F. Emerson.

B. Faddegon, O. F. W. Fernsemer, C. C. Fries.

Miss L. Haessler, Miss E. A. Hahn, R.-M. S. Heffner, J. W. Hewitt, R. C. Horn, H. M. Hubbell.

C. L. Keith, G. D. Kellogg, R. G. Kent, Mrs. E. Knott, T. A. Knott, F. B. Krauss, H. Kurath.

A. G. Laird, E. B. Lease, C. E. Little, C. M. Lotspeich.

R. V. D. Magoffin, G. L. Malécot, K. Malone, E. K. Maxfield, A. D. Menut, C. W. E. Miller, S. Moore.

A. R. Nykl.

M. M. Odgers, M. B. Ogle, W. A. Oldfather.

W. W. Perkins, F. H. Potter, Miss L. Pound, L. M. Prindle.

A. F. J. Remy, E. Riess, D. M. Robinson.

L. E. Saidla, R. E. Saleski, H. F. Scott, E. A. Sehrt, D. B. Shumway, T. Starck, E. H. Sturtevant, Miss G. Sturtevant.

Miss H. H. Tanzer.

M. N. Wetmore, J. Whatmough, C. A. Williams, W. P. Woodman, W. F. Wyatt. (79)

The First Session was held in Room A, Emerson Hall, on the afternoon of Monday, December 27. In the absence of President Maurice.

Bloomfield, Vice-President Emerson called the meeting to order at 2.30 P.M. About 45 persons were present at this session.

By motion the reading of the minutes was dispensed with, as the minutes of the previous meeting had already been printed in LANGUAGE 2.64-77.

For the Local Committee (C. N. Jackson, Chairman; B. S. Hurlbut; G. R. Lincoln; F. W. C. Lieder; C. R. Post; T. Starck; J. B. Titchener), Prof. Starck, as the special representative of the Linguistic Society, reported briefly the arrangements which had been made for the meeting: that the hospitality of the Harvard Union and of the Colonial Club were extended; that Harvard University would entertain the visitors at luncheon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at the Harvard Union; that Radcliffe College had opened two of its dormitories for the women delegates; that Miss Longfellow would open the Longfellow House on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, from two to four o'clock; and other matters pertaining to the joint sessions and the banquets of the societies.

The Secretary, Prof. R. G. Kent, presented the following report, which was ordered to be received and filed:

The work of the Secretary's office has been continued along the lines stated in the last report.

The membership shows a gratifying increase. At the end of 1925, the Society had received 323 members, of whom 2 had died during the year. In 1926, the Society received 56 additional members, but lost 20 by resignation and 1 by removal without giving the new address: J. E. Abbott, T. G. Allen, K. C. Babcock, A. Bruderhausen, G. W. Elderkin, G. C. Engerrand, A. H. R. Fairchild, G. B. Fundenburg, E. F. Hacker, A. Jacobson, E. Johnston, H. S. V. Jones, G. P. Krapp, C. R. Lanman, A. P. MacVay, J. H. Minnick, B. W. Mitchell, W. Rosenau, L. S. Smith, C. F. Sparkman, J. Zeitlin. The net membership is therefore 355. Of these, however, we must regretfully record the death of 4: H. C. G. von Jagemann on January 27, Aaron Ember on May 31, Charles F. Brédé on August 2, Paul Haupt on December 15. Biographical sketches of all these are to be found in the Notes and Personalia of LANGUAGE.

The library subscriptions were during the year increased from 22 to 63, all but one of these taking our publications from the beginning.

The exchanges and copies for review were during the year increased from 26 to 42.

The same liberal policy has been followed toward foreign scholars, which was announced in the report for last year. Three more of those on our complimentary list have died: C. Bartholomae, G. Herbig, A. Noreen. Some additions have been made to the list, which now totals 117.

As Business Manager of the Publications, the Secretary has continued for 1926 the publication of LANGUAGE with the George Banta Publishing Co. of Menasha, Wisconsin, but has arranged for a return to the Waverly Press of Baltimore for

1927, which printed in November a BULLETIN of the Executive Committee, entitled SURVEY OF LINGUISTIC STUDIES. The MONOGRAPHS are being printed by Protat Frères of Mâcon, France, Nos. 2 and 3 of the series being now in the press, to be distributed as publications of 1926.

Other matters are dealt with in the report of the Executive Committee and in the report of the Treasurer.

As Treasurer, Professor Kent then presented the following report, which was ordered received and filed, pending the report of the Auditors:

[blocks in formation]

Office expenses, including postage, stationery, printing,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

On behalf of the Executive Committee, the Secretary presented the following report:

The Executive Committee, acting by correspondence, has fixed the time and place of the present meeting, and made other necessary arrangements; it has elected to membership the several lists of nominees for membership, already published in LANGUAGE; it has applied for and secured affiliation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, according to the vote of the Society on December 28, 1895; it authorized the publication, as a special BULLETIN of the Executive Committee, of the SURVEY OF LINGUISTIC STUDIES, prepared by R. G. Kent and E. H. Sturtevant.

In connection with the publication of the first MONOGRAPH, the Committee approved the payment of the bill at the rate of One Dollar to 20.55 Francs, which prevailed at the time of the estimate for the cost of printing.

The President of the Society named Professor Truman Michelson as the Society's representative to join with the representatives of the American Library Association and other organizations, in a protest against the passage by Congress of the proposed bill H. R. 10434 regarding copyright and importation; and Professor Michelson attended the public hearing given by the House Committee on Patents in charge of the bill, on April 16, 1926. A second hearing was held on April 29. As a result, the question will almost certainly go over at least until the long session of Congress, beginning in December, 1927.

The President appointed J. Alden Mason as representative of the Society on the Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, our Society being entitled to one delegate by virtue of affiliation; and Dr. Mason is at the present time attending the meetings of the Council in Philadelphia, where the Association is holding its annual convention.

The President has appointed Professor Leonard Bloomfield to be the speaker representing the Linguistic Society at the joint meeting of all the Societies, on the evening of Wednesday, December 29.

The application for admission to the American Council of Learned Societies is still pending.

The Executive Committee met on Monday, December 27, 1926, in the Faculty Room of the Harvard Union, at 9.30 A.M., with the presence of the Committee on Publications and of Professor Taylor Starck, by special invitation. Of the Executive Committee, there were present O. F. Emerson, presiding; R. G. Kent, E. H. Sturtevant, L. Bloomfield. Of the Committee on Publications, there were present G. M. Bolling, D. B. Shumway.

The Secretary reported that after much correspondence he had, by direction of the Executive Committee, applied for and secured affiliation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, without making special conditions, but in reliance upon fair and generous treatment by the Council of the Association. The Council at once placed the arrangement of a linguistic program in the hands of the Society; but as the meeting of the Association, which opens December 27, was then but a few weeks off, the Society's Secretary asked that the holding of such a program be omitted this year, until he could refer the matter to the Society's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee recommends that the management of such a program be placed in the hands of a Committee of three members of the Society who are also members of the Association, with permission to arrange a linguistic program in connection with the meeting of the Association, but in such a way as not to draw papers or attendance from the main meeting of the Society; and that in cases of doubt and of expenditure, the Committee shall confer with the Secretary of the Society.

The Executive Committee considered the proposed amendments to the Constitution, and recommends that they be with one change adopted. In case of the passage of the provision for Honorary Members, it will make a recommendation for the first election of foreign scholars.

The Executive Committee would be pleased to see the series of Monographs amplified; to see the establishment of a series of LANGUage DissertaTIONS; and to authorize additional BULLETINS on suitable subjects. In particular, it approves the proposal of the Secretary that he be permitted to prepare, as such a BULLETIN, a catalogue of linguistic dissertations for the doctoral degree, from the first granting of the degree in this country down to a recent date.

The Executive Committee recommends that the Treasurer be authorized to make such arrangements for advertising the publications of the Society, as may to him seem advantageous to its interests.

The Executive Committee has considered a proposal of Prof. Dr. A. Debrunner, Secretary of the Indogermanische Gesellschaft, that the two societies should reciprocally admit each other to membership and listing in the roll of the members; and it recommends that this take the form of listing the Indogermanische Gesellschaft and the Société de Linguistique de Paris as "associated societies", provided the two societies consent.

Mr. John M. Clapp, of New York City, Chairman of a Committee of the National Council of Teachers of English, proposes a Bureau of Language Research, for coördination of activities in matters pertaining to speech and communication, to which the adherence of a number of societies and organizations has already been secured; and asks that the Linguistic Society express its approval, in principle, of this plan, and designate its representative to serve on the Board of Directors of the Bureau. The Executive Committee recommends that this matter be left in its hands, with power to act.

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