Spectacle de la Nature: Or Nature Display'd: Being Discourses on Such Particulars of Natural History as Were Thought Most Proper to Excite the Curiosty, and Form the Minds of Youth. : Illustrated with Copper-plates, Band 4

L. Davis and C. Reymers, J. Rivington, J. Buckland, R. Baldwin ... [and 6 others], 1766

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Seite 179 - ... the very moment when the same star began to appear anew on the horizon. The instant it was again seen they took away the under vessel, and threw the water that remained in the upper on the ground. The observers were thus sure of having one revolution of the whole heaven between the first rising of the star and its return. The water which had flowed during that time now afforded them the means of measuring the duration of one whole revolution of the starry firmament, and of dividing that duration...
Seite 180 - Aries appeared, and they saw the first star of it ascending, they let the water run into the little measure. As soon as it was full they removed it, and threw the water out. In the mean time they put the other empty measure under the fall. They observed accurately all the stars that rose during all the periods which the measure took in filling, and that part of the heavens was terminated in their observations by the star which appeared last on the horizon the moment the measure was just full.
Seite 34 - It is among thefe gatherings of light, and rarefied waters, always fufpended over our heads, that all the rays of light, reflected from the furface of the land, meet ; and the atmofphere fends them back to us from all parts. This prodigious mafs of...
Seite 35 - A few fmall bubbles of air and water are indeed, in themfelves, things very infignificant ; but that hand, which has with fo much art and caution placed them over our heads, has done it merely that his fun and (tars might not be rendered ufelefs to us.
Seite 179 - ... and placed it so that the water might run out into the other vessel the moment the cock should be opened. This done, they observed in that part of the heavens where the sun has its annual course, the rising of a star, remarkable either for its magnitude or its brightness, and at the critical instant it appeared on the horizon they began to let the water flow out of the upper vessel into the other, during the rest of the night and the whole following day, till the very moment when the same star...
Seite 220 - ... upon which the rays of the sun fall vertically at the two solstices. These limits, at which the sun appears to stop and then return in the same course, have received the name of tropics.
Seite 34 - But this will plainly appear, if it be confidered what a quantity of rarefied water is raifed on high, and buoyed up from the highelt part of the atmofphere down to us. There never is...
Seite 178 - ... the heavens, and to divide the year into equal portions, of which the following is a condensed description : They every day saw the sun and the whole heavens turning round from east to west. In the mean time they observed that the sun, by a motion peculiar to it, receded, from day to day, from certain stars, and took its place under others, always advancing towards the east.
Seite 181 - Place under every one of them. By a particular Care of Providence, the Dams of the Flocks commonly happen to be pregnant about the End of Autumn. They bring forth during the Winter, and in the Beginning of the Spring.
Seite 185 - Men now difpenfe with looking among theStars, for the Knowledge of the Operations and Order of the Year. But Writing itfelf, that fo ufeful Invention, is one of the Products of Aftronomy ; and it may be eafily fhewn...

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