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Ljaeus, i, m., poetical name of Bac-
chus, C. 1, 7, 22; C. 3, 21, 16; Epod.
9, 38.
Ijcaeus, i, m., a mountain in Arcadia,
sacred to Jupiter and Pan, C. 1, 17, 2.
ILjcambes, ae, m., a Theban, who, on
account of some satirical verses
written by Archilochus, hangedhim-
self, Epod. 6, 13; Ep. 1, 19, 25.
ILjcia, ae, f., the province of Lycia in
Asia Minor, between Caria and Pam-
phylia, famous for its fertility, C. 8,
4, 62.
Ljcidas, ae, m., a Roman youth, C. 1,
4, 19.
Ljcurgus, i, m., king of the Edonians
in Thrace, who destroyed all vine-
yards in his kingdom, and prohi-
bited the worship of Bacchus, C. 2,
19, 16.
ILjcus, i, m., I. A Greek youth belowed
by Alcaeus, C. 1, 32, 11. II. An old
envious man, C. 3, 19, 23 and 24.
ILjde, ës, f., name of a womam, C. 2, 11,
22; C. 8, 11, 7; C. 3, 28, 3.
ILjdus, a, um, adj., Lydian, qf Lydia; and
subst. Lydi, orum, m., the Lydians,
S. 1, 6, 1.
Lynceus (dissyll.), ei, m., one of the
Argonauts, who was said to have had
such penetrating eye-sight that he
could discern what passed in the
heavens, in the sea, and in the lower
regions, C. 3, 11, 87.
Ljsippus, i, m., a celebrated statuary
of Sicyon, in the time of Alexander
the Great, Ep. 2, 1, 240.

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