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He, who supreme in judgment, as in wit,
Might boldly censure, as he boldly writ,
Yet judged with coolness, though he sung with fire;
His precepts teach but what his works inspire.
Our critics take a contrary extreme,
They judge with fury, but they write with phlegm:
Nor suffers Horace more in wrong translations
By wits, tham critics in as wrong quotations.

While Byron has embalmed, in the poetic amber of the following stanza, both his schoolboy impressions of our poet, and the corrected estimate alike of the Horatian wit and wisdom to which the wayward ** Childe” had been trained by the experience of maturer life :—

Then farewell, Horace; whom I hated so,
Not for thy faults, but mine; it is a curse
To understand, not feel thy lyric flow,
To comprehend, but never love thy verse,
Although no deeper Moralist rehearse
Our little life, nor Bard prescribe his art,
Nor livelier Satirist the conscience pierce,
Awakening without wounding the touch'd heart,
Yet fare thee well—upom Soracte's ridge we part.

Asinius Pollio.
lius Balbus. P. Canidius.

ls:. a. c.| äi$ Consuls. IRemarkable Ewents. i *-i; 689 | 1 | L. Aurelius Cotta. L. Man- ] Q. Horatius Flaccus born. lius Torquatus. 701 || 12 | Cn. Domitius Calvinus. M. | During this year, orthe previous one, Valerius Messalla. Horace appears to have come to Rome. 709 | 20 j C. Julius Caesar IV. Dic- | Horace goes to Athens to prosecute tator. his studies. 710 | 21 | C. Julius Caesar V. M. | Caesar is murdered om the Ides of Antonius. March. Brutus and Cassius leave Rome, and retire into Greece. Brutus brings Horace from Athens to his camp. 711 | 22 i C. Vibius Pansa. A. Hir- | C. Caesar Octavianus, M. Antonius, tius. M. Lepidus, are appointed TriumConsuls-elect, — C. Jul. virs for five years to establish a Caesar Octavianus. Q. constitution, and partitiom the proPedius. vinces among them. They prepare war against Brutus. Horace as military tribune commands a legion in the camp of Brutus. Birth of Ovid; Propertius born a short time previous, and Tibullus apparently in the year 695. 712 | 23 | M. Aemilius Lepidns II. | Two' battles are fought at Philippi. L. Munatius Plancus. Cassius and Brutus commit suicide. Tiberius Claudius Nero born. 713 | 24 | L. Antonius Pietas. P. | Horace having obtained a pardon, reServilius Vatia Isauricus turns to Rome and retires from II. military life. Some believe that he was almost lost in his homeward voyage mear the promontory of Palinurus, but the matter is doubtful. 714 | 25 | Cn. Domitius Calvinus. C. ] The siege of Perusia. Peace restored

between Octavianus and Antony at Brundisium.


-..• ^.v.c. | 5 ## Consuls. Remarkable Events. *-■ 715 | 26 | L. Marcius Censorinus. C. | Asinius Pollio sent by Antony against Calvisius Sabinus. the Parthians. Pollio celebrates a triumph over them. Horace commended by Virgil and Varius to Maecenas. 716 | 27 | Appius Claudius Pulcher. | Horace gains the friendship of MaeC. Norbanus Flaccus. cenas. 717 | 28 | M. Vipsanius Agrippa. L. | Horace goes toBrundisium with MaeCaninius Gallus. cenas, Virgil, Varius, and others; his journey described in Sat. I. 5. 718 ] 29 | L. Gellius Poplicola. M. || Octavianus on his return to Rome Cocceius Nerva. after the defeat of Sextus Pompey, is received with great honour. 719 || 80 | L. Cornificius, Sext. Pom- | Phraates, king of the Parthians, is peius, fil. banished from his kingdom on account of his cruelty, and is succeeded by Tiridates. Horace seems to have published his First Book of Satires. 720 I 31 | M. Antonius II. L. Scribonius Libo. Consuls-elect,—L. Sempronius. P. Aemilius Lepidus. C. Memmius Picens. M. Herennius. 721 | 32 | Caesar Octavianus II. L. | It is certain that before this year Volcatius Tullus. Horace received the Sabine farm as Consuls-elect, — P. Au- a gift from Maecenas. tronius Laetus. L. Flavius. C. Fonteius Capito. M. Acilius Aviola. L. Vinicius. L. Laronius. 722 I 33 | Cn. Domitius Ahenobar- | Munatius Plancus deserts the party bus. C. Sosius. of Antony and espouses the cause Consuls-elect, — L. Cor- of Caesar. Great preparations for nelius. M. Valerius. war. 723 1 34 | Caesar Octavianus III. M. | Horace declares himself ready to acValerius Messalla. company Maecenas tobattle. Battle Consuls-elect, — M. Ti- of Actium, 2d Sept. Epod. 9, Carm. tius. Cn. Pompeius. I. 87. 724 | 35 | Caesar Octavianus IV. M. || Egypt reduced to the condition of a Licinius Crassus. province. Horace seems to have Consuls-elect,—C. Antis- published his other Book of Satires, tius Vetus. M. Tullius | and in the same year his Book of Cicero. L. Caelius Bal- Epodes. binus. 725 I 86 I Caesar Octavianus V. Sex- | The temple of Janus shut. tus Appuleius. Consuls-elect,—P. Valerius Messalla. C. FurL- nius. C. Cluvius.

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Caesar Octavianus dedicated the Temple of Apollo on the Palatine Hill; to this Horace's Ode I. 31 refers.

Caesar appointed Emperor and called Augustus, after he twice thought of resigning his power. An expedition against the Arabs is prepared, to which Ode I. 29 refers.

Sext. Appuleius obtains a triumph from his victories in Spain; but the Cantabri and Astures renew the vvar.

Expedition of Augustus against the Cantabri. Expedition of Aelius Gallus against the Arabs. Marcellus marries Julia.

Phraates expels Tiridates, who fleesto Augustus. Augustus overcomes the Cantabri, returns to Rome, and shuts the teimple of Jamus, Ode III. 14. Quintilius, the friend of Horace and Virgil, dies, Ode I. 24. Horace seems to have published three books of Odes this year, or the beginning of next.

Marcellus, the husband of Julia, dies. Augustus restores his son to IPhraates, and retains Tiridates at Rome.

Licinius Varro Murena and Fannius Caepio, the brothers of Proculeius, and Terentia, the wife of Maecenas, enter into a conspiracy against Augustus. Augustus goes to Sicily on his route to Asia.

Augustus journeys to Greece, thence to Samos; winters in Samos.

Augustus in Asia. Phraates, under the influence of fear, sends back of

hisown accord the standards which !

had been formerly taken from Crassus, Tigranes is restored to his Kingdom in Armenia by Tiberius Nero, Epist. I. 12 and 18.

Virgil sets out for Greece; dies at Brundisium.

a.u.c.! i# Consuls. IRemarkable Events. 736 | 47 | P. Cornelius Lentulus Mar- | Horace seems to have published his cellinus. Cn. Cornelius | First Book of Epistles in this year Lentulus. or the previous one. 737 || 48 | C. Furnius. C. Junius Sila- | Augustus institutes the Ludi SeInus. culares. Horace, at his request, composes his Carmen Seculare. To this Ode IV. 6 refers. 738 | 49 | L. Domitius Ahenobarbus. P. Cornelius Scipio. Consul-elect,—L.Taurius Rufus. 739 | 50 | M. Livius Drusus Libo. L. | The Raeti and Vindelici are subdued Calpurnius Piso. by Tiberius and Drusus. To this Ode IV. 4 and 14 refer. 740 | 51 ] M. Licinius Crassus. Cn. Cornelius Lentulus. 741 || 52 | Tib. Claudius Nero. P. | Augustus returns from Gaulto Rome. Quintilius Varus. Horace, at the request of Augustus, publishes his Fourth Book of Odes. 742 | 53 | M. Valerius Messalla. P. | Agrippa dies. Sulpicius Quirinus. Consuls-elect, — C. Valgius Rufus. C. Caninius Rebilus. 743 | 54 | Q. Aelius Tubero. Paulus | Ep. II. 2, seems to have been written. Fabius Maximus. 744 | 55 | Julius Antonius Africanus. | After the subjugatiom of the Daci, Q. Fabius Maximus. Getae, and Germani by Tiberius and Drusus, the temple of Jamus is said to have been shut for the third time ; but it is uncertain. It is said that Epist. II. 1, was written this year. 745 | 56 | Nero Claudius Drusus Caesar. T. Quintius Pennus ; Crispinus. | 743 | 57 | C. Marcius Censorinus. C. | Horace dies 27th November, a few Asinius Gallus. months after Maecenas.

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