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breakfast, on puinping the water she observed it rather milky, but paid no further attention to the circumstance. After drinking the tea, the whole family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. T. with four children, and two servants, were seized with the most excruciating pains in the bowels, with nausea and sickness. Examining the kettle they found a white powder at the bottom-the same was found in and near the pump. This was found to be arsenic

- but the usual remedies were applied with success, though the family remain very weak, from the deleterious effects of the poison. Fifty guineas reward are offered to produce a discovery:

14. Information received that Lord Elgin had sent from Constantinople to Athens several artists, who caused diligent search to be made in the temple of Theseus, where they found almost all the bas. reliefs which fosmerly ornamented the Temple of Minerva. These monuments, a great many inscriptions, and all the urns capable of being transported,

have been sent by the Porte to England. 17. The Corporation of London bestowed on Sir Sydney Smith the freedom of the City, and presented him with a valuable sword. The chamber. lain addressed him in an appropriate speech, wherein, among otlier handsome things, he said. I cannot help exulting on this happy occasion, at the vast acquisition of national reputation acquired by your conduct at the head of a handful of Britons, in repulsing him, who has been justly stiled the A lexander of the day, surrounded by a host of con; querors, till then deemed invincible!" Sir Sydney then made a suitable reply, took the usual civic oaths, and having made a donation to the poor's box, departed amid the acclamations of the populace.

19. The Princess of Lichtenstein gave a fete' at Felsburg in Germany, to some of the inhabitants of the place, whose houses had a short time beforç been destroyed by fire. When the gaiety ef the guests had been a little raised by wine, the Princess went into the hall, and said - You owe me 45,000 florins, which I lent you to enable you to rebuild your houses." The company immediately arose, and interrupting her, said—" We acknowledge it, but we entreat you to have a little patience.' She said " No, I will not wait any longer.” She then oidered a servant to bring a chafing dish, and immediately burnt all the securities which they, had given her.

26. An old copy of the first edition of Shake, speare's Henry the 5th was purchased by Mr. Malone for 371. 1os.!!!

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(Fon the London Gazette.) OSEPH Hudswell, Cancliffe, Yorkshire, corn,

dealer. John Edwards, Bensington, Oxfordshire, miller. Jonathan Barker, Upper Thames Street, London, grocer. John Paul Offner, Kingsland Road, Middlesex, brewer. Thomas Rodd, late of Gerard Street, Westminster, jeweller. James Henderson, Long Acre, furnishing-ironmonger. E. Doran and Archer Whiting, Long Acre, coachmakers. Jacob Ainşlie, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, woollen-draper. Richard Beresford, Alfreton, Derbyshire, hosier. John Harris, Newton St. Cyres, Devonshire, miller, Robert Child, Wab cot, Somerset-hire, carpenter. Nicholas Noble, Berrier, Cumberland, dealer in butter. George Hasleden, Liverpool, bookseller. James Dawson, Manchester, dealer and chapman. Lydia Bucknell, Kensington, Middleses, haberdasher. H. Deaves, late of New York, now of Liverpool, mer,


chant. M. Bourk, New Square, London, slopseller. A. Whiting, Long Acre, Middesex, coachmaker. D. Hodgkins, Liverpool, brush-maker. S. Calvert, late of Liverpool, dealer. G. Merriman, Stockport, Cheshire, dealer. Thomas Blaney, late of the East India Company's ship the Walthamstow, and of Bouverie Street, White Friars, mariner. Thomas Wigful, King's Lynn, Norfolk, iron founder. Edmund and Robert Tompkins, Deretend, Birmingham, plated ink-stand-makers. Wm. Rawlings, Gracechurch Street, London, gro

Wm. Newton, Exeter, druggist. Wm. Stevens, Exeter, sadler. John Dunecliit, Leicester, grocer. John Avery, Queen Square, Westminster, urgan-builder.

Edw. Medley, Parliament Street, Westminster, scrivener. John Mouls, Hampstead, Middlesex, corn-chandler. Thomas Cathro, Old Gravel Lane, Middlesex, baker, C. Holt, late of Leather Lane, Holborn, warehouseman. F. Fisher, .pow or late of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, currier, G. Arthur, late of Shipley Mill, Northumberland, miller, A. Z. D. Cuvelie, Lancaster, merchant. J. Clayton, Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire, meal

A. Kouldsworth and H, Gravenor, Basinghall Street, London, warehousemen. James Marsh, Shad Thames, Southwark, shipwright. Thomas Madden, Pages Walk, Bermondsey, victualler. John Figgins, Trowbridge, Wilts, carpenter. Wm. Blagrove, Abingdon, Berkshire, miller. George Liddell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant. W. Schultze, and Philip Unger, Little Britain, merchants. Abraham Young, Bristol, corn-factor. John Fletcher Norman, now or late of Bristol, haker, George Glover, Dean Street, Soho, Middlesex, grocer. Richard Rogers, Cailcon, Monmouthshire, dealer. Davison Penny, jun. St. John Wapping, ship-chandler. Daniel Brien, late of James Street, Çovent Garden, victualler. Joseph Stone, late of Mersey Street, Liverpool, victualler. Wm. Bullen, Plymouth Dock, finen-draper. Joseph Evatt, Rood Lane, London, glassman. James Weldon, Lawrence Lane, warehouseman. J. Sproston, Liverpool, merchant. C. Clegg, Milnrow, Lancasshire, woollen-manufacturer. T. Man, Howard Street, St. Clement Danes, dealer. D. N. Beckman, of Princes Row, Mile End New Town, Middlesex, sugar-grinder. G. F. Benekirt, SwanMead, Bermondsey, leather-dresser. P. Drinkwater, Manchester, and T. Dakeyne, Darley Dale, Derbyshire, corn-factors. C. Marriott, Manchester, merchant. Jos. Mitchell, Long Acre, cheesemonger. Jos. Smee, Newington Place, Surrey, potter. W. Field, Old Cavendish Street, St. Maryle-bone, painter and glazier. Phineas de Baruch Toledano, Great Aylie Street, Goodman's Fields, merchant. Jos. Morris, St. John Street, Westminster, money.scrivener. Thos. Juxon, Birmingham, corn-factor. r. Amold, Wolverhampton, baker. Reuben Smith, Little Chelsea, dealer. W. Holmes, Otlev, Porkshire, mercer. Sam. King, Gloucester, shopkeeper. Edw. Parker, Stevenage, Herts, corn-dealer. Wm. Key, Duke Street, Aldgate, mercer. James Brady, Ipswich, linen-draper. Jos. Cowgill, Manchester, merchant. J. Daniel, Liverpool, merchant. J. Cheetham Morrey, Manchester. cotton-manufacturer. T. Fothergill, Manchester, merchant. George Mallison, Gauxholme, Laicashire, corn-miller. Geo. Woolridge, WimbornMinster, Dorsetshire, dealer. Jos. Adams, Brompton, Kent, butcher. Rees Thomas, Broad Street, St. Giles, Middlesex, glass-seller.





The letter P signifies that the piece to which it is annexed is to be

found in the Poetry, and the letter R intimates

that it is an article in our Review.


Alfred, a Poem, analyzed 23,

116,223, 328
Appeal to the Society of
Friends R

Apology for the Sabbath R 311
Addington, Mr, Sketch of 353
A Dream - P

Arithinetical Questions R 416

Butcher's Family R

Butcher's Tales R

Bankrupts, List of 105, 213,320,


Beggar's Tale 157, 251, 380
Bacon's Essays R

Britannia, by Ogilvie R 206
| Billington, Mrs. Memoirs of 215

Beauties of Sentiment R 310
Blessings of Peace

Cabinet of Mirth 75, 277
Cowper's Works P

Chronologist 102, 211, 317,

Cherry, Lines on P 202
Charlty P

Citizen and Philosopher,
Essay on

Death of a Friend P 301
Dramatic Biography R 307

Evan's Excursion through

Kent 41, 172, 261, 391

Extracts from Ecceritric Bio-

70, 353
Emma of the Vale P

Eccentric Biography R

Edgeworth’s Tales R 98
Essay on the Philosopher
and Citizen

Essay on Religion R 314
Encyclopædia of Wit R420

Flora and the Boy P

Forester, a Tale

Friendship, Essay on 345

Guide to Domestic Happi-
ness R

General Biography R 313

Hare, Account of

Historical Museuin

Hermit P

1. & J.
Irregular Sonnet P 409
Jefferson, President, Me-
moirs of

Juvenile Recreations 77, 196,

Kiss P

Lines on Farmer's Boy P 88
London, Prospect of 227
Lycurgus, Life of

Lines on the Death of Gen.

Sir R. Abercromby P 412


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