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(From the London Gazette.)


Lydstonn James, Penryn, Cornwall, dealer. W. Middleton, John Holland Pemberton, and and George Felton, Liverpool, merchants. Joseph Haines Brandish, Birmingham, factor. John Newton, Manchester, check-manufacturer. Thomas Leigh, Foxdenton, Lancashire, dealer. G. Malla. lieu, Salford, . Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer. John Henchan, Liverpool, dealer in muslin. James Craig, Lime-street, London, merchant. Wm. Halliday, Watling-street, London, warehouseman. A, H. Cortissos, Lemau-street, Goodman's-fields, merchant. Jn. .Attfield, late of Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, carpenter. Joseph Hefford, Curtain road, Shoreditch, tailor. Johd Cheyney, Oxfordstreet, linen-draper. J. H. Pemberton, Liverpool, merchant. J. Taylor and J. B. March, Wigmore. street, Cavendish square, linen-drapers. E. Wall, Shrewsbury, Salop, innkeeper. Evan Humphreys, Bristol, victualler and skinner. John Jeaves, late of Aldersgate-street, London, merchant. J. Furnell, Kent-road, Camberwell, Surry, fell-monger. Joel Wallis, Tiverton, Somersetshire, baker. Wm. Quantrill, William-street, Shoreditch, carpenter. Wm. Izod, Lamb-street, Spitalfields-market, baķer. Robert Atherton, Latchford, Cheshire, tanner. Ingram Varley, Wigan, Lancashire, shopkeeper. James Ogden, late of Ashtou under line, cotton-spinner. John Cornish, late of the Broadway, Deptford, butcher. George Andrews, late of Holybourne, Hampshire, tanner. Anthony

Radhall, Bedminster, Somersetshire, baker. John George Titchens, St. Mary Hill, Billingsgate, merchant. George Blakey, Mile-end, Middlesex ship-owner. Wm. Harvey, Liverpool, woollens draper.. Elijah Cobham, Liverpool, merchant. P. Kind and W. Smith, Southampton, linendrapers. T. Taylor, Birmingham, draper. J. Scort and F. Roach, Castle-street, Leicestet-square, Middlesex, linen-drapers. Robert Henderson, Oxford-street, fishmonger. J. T. Serres, Wim. pole-street; Cavendish-square, bookseller. Joha Simmonds, Canterbury, linen-draper. Richard Bishop, late of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and John Ireland, late of Culkerton, Wiltshire, corn-dealers. Theodore Allen, Bath, fishmonger. Joseph Tilstone, Newcastle under Lyne, hat-manufacturer. John Newton, Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland, liquor-merchant. Edw. Pheasant, Grantham, Lincolnshire, dealer in seeds. John Stentaford, Ply mouth Dock, shopkeeper. Mark Palmer, Monk wearmouth shore, county of Durham, sail-maker. John Blair, London-street, Middlesex, mariner. John Cooke, White Horse Lane, Stepney, coalmerchant. John Barnes, Bolton, Lancasaire, cote ton-manufacturer. J. Tripp, Bristol, salesman. J. Rawley, Chancery Lane, boot and shoemaker. B. T. Chynn, Purleigh, Essex, shop-keeper. E. Strong and W. Harvey, Liverpool, anchorsmiths. ř. L. E. Orstorn, Frith Street, Soho, mathematical instrumeut maker.

G. King, Frome Selwuod, Somerset, cabinet-maker.. J. Buchanan, Woolwich, pork-butcher. J. Brock, jun. Wapping Street, slopseller. R. Evans, City Road, umbrella-maker. Jeremiah Marshall King, Liverpool, coffee-house-keeper. Samuel Broug. hall, Yeaton, salop, miller. Joseph Coulthard, Bucklersbury, London, warehonseman. Isaac


Noble, Penrith, Cumberland, ironmonger. Ezekiel Croydon, late of Stourbridge, Worcestershire, baker. David Moffatt, Fleet Market, London, grocer. Robert Fisher, Bedford, Street, Covent Garden, tailor. Wm., Dyson, Marsden, . Yorkshira, drysalter and grocer. J. Marshall, Little Russel Street, Bermondsey, Surry, tanpei. J. Tomlinson, Salford, Lancaster, weft and twist-dealer. J. Shuttleworth, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer. J. Mey.cock, Broad Street, St. Giles's in the Fields, and St. George, Bloomsbury, haberdasher. W. Ludby, Petworth, Sussex, shopkeeper. G. Cawarn, Strand, bookseller. H. Nathan, late of *s, slopseller. R. Tomkinson, J. Tomkin.

F. Solicke, late of Liverpool, mer

Yeoman, Theobald's Road, tallow. candles. H. Dwyer, late of Bristol, batter. J. M'Carty, Liverpool, mercbant. J. Evans, late of Wolverhampton, but now of Liverpool, hardware

H. Ross, vow or late of Liverpool, merchant


To Correspondents

We have received a valuable original communication from sid 'mouth, entitled, “ The Vision realized;" it shall appear,

without fail next month, and its perusal, we doubt not, will highly gratify the Readers of our Miscellany.

The communications of Veritas in our next.

ERRATA.--- In the Ode .. Peace inserted in our last Miscellany, for torn, read forlorn ; and for others, read fairer.

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