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Daughters of Men, four separate pictures, The Evangelists, Christ taught to read by the Virgin, a fresco of A Spirit vaulting from a Cloud to turn and wind a Fiery Pegasus, afterwards in Blake's own exhibition, unfinished.

This closes the century. The uncoloured drawings are not referred to here.

The list is not given now for purposes of reference. Gilchrist's catalogue must be left holding its own for the historical student. But we require to cast our eyes along its columns to form an idea of how hard Blake was now working, what amazing genius and courage he was showing under neglect and discouragement, and with what miserable starvation prices he kept body and soul together.

The engravings to Young's Night Thoughts seem to have been intended by Blake as faint outlines to be coloured by hand. One copy of the work so treated was in the first Blake Exhibition at the Carfax Gallery. This would account for their lack of shading, and for the small sum paid for them.

Most of the more significant of the original water-colour sketches were suppressed, only about a quarter of them being put on copper. Among those not engraved were many showing the allegoric or mythic figures as “ children of my thoughts," - to use Blake's own expression,—“walking within my bloodvessels.” Young cannot be made responsible for this idea, or for the subjects of the drawings which really belong to Jerusalem and Vala. (They belong to Vala's year, 1797.)

In some of the plates of Jerusalem, and in the coloured picture of The Bard from Gray, blood - vessels are seen enmeshing and winding about the figures that move among them.

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