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VERSES sent to a LADY with VOLTAIRE'S TEMPLE of TASTE. ....17 Bilder

12 mois ..; din siya na TN these gay scenes by glowing Fancy wrought, See Genius bright’ning thro’the veil of Thought!

(90 10908h IT Each finish'd draught at once improves and warms,

da 911 c ow on ilu 197 Each feature breathes, and every picture charms en The happy pencil long inured to please

1 2 1 1 1 9H Joins Itrength with talte, and elegance with ease res OU 66911 Contuurw O AT

is ini biri bu 11 gaoids 9dT Mark in yon Temple’s beamy domes reclin dit What forms all beauteous strike th' enraptur'd mind

The train whom Nature lent superior fire, alood bad Who stole her air, her accent, and her lyre; Who bid her form in breathing marble glow,112 Who pour'd her transports, and who felt heride, I Here rise, as Judgment points the road to Fame, To juster manners, and a nobler aim: Thought nicely-true the copious plan reviews, nisemi And Fancy's hand supplies enlivening hues; 142 900

Weds Warm from the tints the swelling Figures risegoi-sds And Life's blue beam illumes the speaking eyes;


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EM S. 15)
No roughned dash betrays th' unequal part,
Nor shade ungraceful points the veil of art; .
But Hope all-radiant foars to worlds of light,
While Judgment's temperate hand directs the fight,
Calm Sense and Wisdom take their turn to rule,
And Reason's piercing eye o’erlooks the foul.
Adatoru porlovy nepriji..

Herę Boileau marks the living draught refin'd,
The flame of Genius bursting o'er his mind * ;
Yet just to worth, attends the melting strains
Whose music stream'd along Britannia's plains ;
He marks the ruby'd lip that breathes perfume, i
The cheek where beauty spreads her genial bloom,
The throng that flutters round th’illumin’d hall,
The Satyr's venom'd shaft, that drops with gall;
Then knows superior wit, though near the throne,
And hails the Bard whose skill surpass’d his own +.'

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See mighty Dacier soars in nobler lays I,
Each lawreid Ancient crowns her head with bays,

SLAA.. . 291.! tooA

# It is generally allowed, that Rape of the Lock is judged by the imagination was it the predomi- best Critics to have been wrote in nant faculty which characterized an higher, taste than the Leiltrin. the writings of Builiau. He is I See mighty Dacier, &c.] This therefore represented here as hav- Lady's name is not mentioned by ing attained that point in which Voltaire in his 'Temple of Taite, he was principally deficient. though Iccnfess, I cannot fee with 9 And hails the Bard, &c.) The What reason fhe is omitted. It is


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11.7 12VHT


A tow'ring Genius! whose exalted name
Employs the tongue, and swells the trump of Fame,

39 91T
From Man, proud tyrant, with resistlefs force
She snatch'd the rein, and whirl'd it in the course;
With eagle-speed pursued th’expected prey,

j129.'36 doua Then caught and bore the glorious prize away. Here through Reflection's clearer glass display'd"* She marks the mingling streaks of light and shade, Observes defects, by cool experience taught, 2016 And blames with reason, or approves with thoughtT

bas200629Vord What need I Voiture's easier task recite, m ball Whose work contracted beams with faultless wit; Or paint Racine whose chast'ned straîn improves, Or Molliere, sporting with the Smiles and Loves Fontaine, whose wit from Nature's fund was tole, Or bold Corneille, who storms, and tears the foul. A

'scriu busulli lool A Lost in the radiance of diffolving light, 909192 Ten thousand beauties opening on my fight; instal My fainting muse deserts th’unequal theme, i od N Pleased with some gentler note, an humbler name

. : H ET TOE She

true, indeed, that she is rather a covering in both the force of au translator than an original writer. exact judgment, joined to that Few readers however of sensibility feeling of poetic beauty which is will peruse her translation and re- so often found to predominate in marks on the Iliad, or on Arifto. this amiable sex, ..., tle's Art of Poetry, without dis

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She feets (the glowing traits confusedly feen)
The heat too piercing, and the ray too keen.

Thus in some fields where Art and Nature join,
(Such are thy gardens Stowe, and Seaton*, thine.
Where from yon mount, a plan by Taste design'd,
Reflects an image of the Master's mind ;)
Where'er I look țhę blush of Beauty glows,..

The forest brightens, or the garden blows. ;...
Groves, streams, and trees their chequer'd pride display,
And melting music steals the foul away. it!
etiw ewis wat die si,

j ak
'Tis your's each work of genius to review,
Who know false beauties, and admire the true;
You bleft by nature with superior, skill,: : .
An eye to mark them, and an heart to feel,., .
A soul illumed by Reason's gentle says,
Serene, not strong, and bright without a blaze ;!
Intent to know, and yet polite to please, 18
Who read with judgment, and who write with ease.
Evimine, a bafhful muse untaught and young,
That sports, not warbles in the tuneful throng,
Waked by this theme can strike the trembling strings, !
- And feebly flutters with unequal wings,



oisie * Such are thy gardens, &c. or feat, which belongs to a Gentle Seaton thine]An elegant country man near Aberdeen.

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So some pale flower reclines its drooping head,
And lies unseen, neglected in the Thade,
Yet touch'd with lightning by the blaze of noon,
Unfolds its leaves, and bloffoms in the sun.

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