Sql Functions Programmer'S Reference

Wiley India Pvt. Limited, 11.05.2005 - 790 Seiten
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The book covers SQL standard functions as mandated by SQL92/99 standards - the current up-to-date international SQL standard. It also covers RDBMS (relational database management system - such as SQL Server, Oracle, etc) vendor-specific implementations' built-in SQL functions, as well as user-defined functions built with proprietary procedural extensions and/or Java, C, Python, VBScript (SQL Server 2000 DTS packages) and upcoming .NET family of languages. Special attention is given to migration issues from one RDBMS to another. In addition to describing syntax and usage of the built-in functions, the book will provide an equivalency cross-reference across different RDBMS packages. For those whose needs go beyond the built-in functionality, the book introduces and details creating custom functions using vendors supplied procedural extensions, as well as using general programming languages.· Exploring Popular SQL Implementations· Functions: Concept and Architecture· Comparison of Built-in SQL Functions by Vendor· SQL Procedural Extensions and User-Defined Functions· Common ANSI SQL Functions· Oracle SQL Functions· IBM DB2 Universal Database (UDB) SQL Functions· Microsoft SQL Server Functions· Sybase ASE SQL Built-In Functions· MySQL Functions· PostgreSQL Functions· ANSI SQL User-Defined Functions· Creating User-Defined Functions in Oracle· Creating User-Defined Functions with IBM DB2 UDB· Creating User-Defined Functions Using Microsoft SQL Server· Creating User-Defined Functions in Sybase SQL· Creating User-Defined Functions in MySQL· Creating User-Defined Functions in PostgreSQL· Reporting and Ad Hoc Queries· Using Functions for Migrating Data· Using Functions to Feed a Data Warehouse· Embedded Functions and Advanced Uses· Generating SQL with SQL and SQL Functions· SQL Functions in an Application· Empowering the Query with Functions and Views· Understanding the Impact of SQL Functions on Query and Database Performance· Useful Queries from the System Catalog

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