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In Thamesland

Being the Gossiping Record of Ram-
bles through England from the Source
of the Thames to the Sea, with Casual
Studies of the English People, their His-
toric, Literary, and Romantic Shrines.

The whole forming
A Complete Guide to the Thames Valley


Henry Wellington Wack, F.R.G.S.

Author of “The Romance of Victor
Hugo and Juliette Drouet,”

« The
Story of the Congo Free State,” etc.

With Map and 100 Illustrations

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
Tbe knickerbocker Press


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Copyright, 1906


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To love Nature and a good house; dogs, many books, and a few friends; the music of brook and breeze, the morning sun; shade at noon and a blue night's early stars: such a life-feast consoles one for the knowledge of man and the market-place, and the futility of human riches begot thereby.”

As Russell ironically repeated this bittersweet soliloquy he glanced doubtfully from the top of a Strand 'bus at the jostling horde below. His was a simple philosophy.

The great black city of London was not the fair face of England we had come to explore. Its devouring swirl, the mystery of its shadows, the transient happiness of its garish light were the antithesis of that pastoral, chime-intoning England whose gray and gold day “consoles one for a knowledge of man and the market-place.'

Not to add one new fact to its oft-told story, nor to

attempt an appreciation of Thamesland in terms as graceful and

Anderonta que pase


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