Werner: a tragedy

A. and W. Galignani, 1823 - 250 Seiten

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Seite 239 - ULRIC. Let it work on! the grave will keep it down ! Ashes are feeble foes : it is more easy To baffle such, than countermine a mole, Which winds its blind but living path beneath you. Yet hear me still!—If you condemn me, yet Remember -who hath taught me once too often To listen to him!
Seite 65 - Fine doings! goodly doings! honest doings! A baron pillaged in a prince's palace! Where, till this hour, such a sin ne'er was heard of. FRITZ. It hardly could, unless the rats despoil'd The mice of a few shreds of tapestry. IDENSTEIN. Oh! that I ere should live to see this day ! The honour of our
Seite 173 - I think so ; for I love Nought else.—But I have not the time to pause Upon these gewgaws of the heart. Great things We have to do ere long. Speed! Speed! good Rodolph! RODOLPH. On my return, however, I shall find The Baroness Ida lost in Countess Siegendorf ? ULRIC. Perhaps : my father wishes it, and sooth
Seite 52 - He knows me not by person; Nor could aught, save the eye of apprehension., Have recognised him, after twenty years, We met so rarely and so coldly in Our youth. But those about him 1 Now I can Divine the frankness of the Hungarian, who, No doubt, is a mere tool and spy of
Seite 240 - I have done with life! ULRIC. Let us have done with that which cankers life— Familiar feuds and vain recriminations Of things which cannot be undone. We have No more to learn or hide : I know no fear, And have within these very walls men whom (Although you know them not) dare venture all
Seite 199 - Yes, good father; Continue daily orisons for us In these dim days of heresies and blood, Though the schismatic Swede, Gustavus, is Gone home. PRIOR ALBERT. To the endless home of unbelievers, Where there is everlasting wail and woe, Gnashing of teeth, and tears of blood, and fire Eternal, and the worm which dieth not!
Seite 153 - have nought of Stralenheim's upon My spirit, though he would grasp all of mine ; Lands, freedom, life,—and yet he sleeps! as soundly, Perhaps, as infancy, with gorgeous curtains Spread for his canopy, o'er silken pillows, Such as when—Hark ! what noise is that ? Again ! The branches shake ; and some loose stones have fallen From yonder terrace.
Seite 52 - How can I hope? An hour ago methought My state beyond despair; and now, 'tis such, The past seems paradise. Another day, And I'm detected,—on the very eve Of honours, rights, and my inheritance, When a few drops of gold might save me still In favouring an escape. Enter IDENSTEIN and FRITZ in conversation. FRITZ. Immediately.
Seite 183 - IDA. And will you not stay, then? You shall not go! Come ! I will sing to you. ULRIC. Ida, you scarcely Will make a soldier's wife. IDA. I do not wish To be so ; for I trust these wars are over, And you will live in peace on your domains. Enter WERNER as COUNT SIEGENDORF.
Seite 33 - GABOR. Sir! Pray Excuse me : have I said aught to offend you ? WERNER. Nothing : but we are strangers to each other. GABOR. And that's the reason I would have us less so: I thought our bustling guest without had said You were a chance and passing guest, the counterpart Of me and my companions. WERNER.

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