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THIS and the following volume of THE POETS

1 AND THE POETRY OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, are devoted to the Sacred, Moral, and Religious poetry of the period.

In several cases it has been found desirable to give further selections from the works of general poets already represented in earlier volumes. These are poets whose religious verse bears a sufficient proportion to their general poetry, or is sufficiently characteristic to call for separate representation.

The Editor's thanks are due to many authors and publishers, some of the former of whom have passed away since their assent was given to representation in this work. Of these, John Henry Newman, James Martineau, Horatius Bonar, John Stuart Blackie, and George MacDonald are the best known, The thanks of the Editor are due to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for the use of the hymns of Anna Lætitia Waring in the following pages, and for the lyrics of the late Christina Rosetti which appear in the subsequent volume; to the Religious Tract Society, also in this connection, for the hymns of George Rawson; to Messrs.


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Poets and the postry of R821.2

the 19th century
the Sacred Poets of the M64

Nineteenth Century.

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New YORK: E. P. DUTTON & co.

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