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me much—but yet He love sinner! to awaken deep interest in the breasts Ah, true that pass every thing." of all who are anxious for the con

Mr. Johnson, having observed version of the Jews, the subjugation some declension of spirit in the of the Mohammedan Antichrist, and communicants, assembled them all the revival of the ancient Christian in the church before the morning Churches. The Committee and the service, on the day of administer- representatives of the Society are ing the Lord's Supper. The scene anxious to ayail themselves of every which followed will be best describ- opportunity for pouring into the ed in his own words :

hearts of the afflicted the consola" When the clock struck nine, tions and instructions of the Divine the whole, except the sick, came Word. In this quarter, however, in twelve different parties, accord- they must necessarily proceed with ing to the division of the town, to much caution, and wait with pachurch. My heart rejoiced when tience the dawn of a brighter day. I saw this scene. When they had Mr. Jowett had resumed his corentered the church, the churchwar respondence in various quarters, and dens came and told me that all who rendered every aid in his power to were well had come. I went; and, the circulation of the Scriptures by as some had been re-admitted, I the Bible Society. He had it in read and explained such passages view to undertake, as soon as cir. of Scripture as were suited to humble cumstances would allow, a journey them; and exhorted them to care, in Syria. His volume of “ Christian fulness and watchfulness : I also' Researches” has awakened, as might read and explained the Commination be expected, new interest in the field Service, and concluded by urging of his labours; and has greatly enthem to self-examination and re- larged the views of his readers, with pentance; and, when my conscience respect to the nature and difficulties was satisfied, I concluded with of the work to be done, and the best prayer. Two young men then came means of accomplishing it. forward, and said that they had The translation of the Scriptures quarrelled, and desired to make into Maltese is proceeding with the peace with each other before they advantage of additional and learned came to the Lord's Supper : this aid. Authority has been given to was soon effected, as each said that Mr. Jowett by Government to estabhe was in the wrong! A woman lish a press in Malta, under regusaid to me, that she had spoken illlations rendered necessary by local behind another woman's back, and circumstances. Two founts of Rowished to beg her pardon, which, man types have been procured from of course, I advised her to do : she Paris : founts of Greek and Arabic went and did so, and the offended will be sent from this country. A woman forgave her with cheerful. printing press has been forwarded, ness. I was so delighted with the and had safely arrived. The use of simple mode in which they thus the press is rapidly increasing ; and dealt with one another, that I scarce- it will, doubtless, prove one of the ly could forbear shedding a tear of chief instruments for reviving knowjoy on seeing that my children walk ledge and truth on the surrounding in truth. O that these beloved peo. shores. The Bashaw of Egypt has ple may continue in their simplicity!” an Arabic press at Caïro ; and has

The youths under education at been reprinting the Society's Arabic the Christian Institution were about tract on the System of Mutual Intwenty-four in number. They make struction. considerable progress.

The interesting information given Mediterranean Mission. - This in the Report respecting the Sociesphere of Christian labour is increas- ty's other Missions, we must posting yearly in importance, and begins. pone to a future Number..

SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. The last Report of the Society just rapidly increasing. This fact must distributed among the members, afford consolation to every Christian announces, that the affairs of the So- mind. The Rochester Committee ciety continue in a prosperous state observe, that the lower orders of the The number of subscribing members community are becoming daily more has materially increased since the sensible of the value of our Liturgy, last Report.Above 15,000 names and that the demand for Prayernow appear upon the list, of which books has consequently much in743 have been added since October, creased. This Committee has sup1822. The receipts and disburse- plied books to the hospital of the ments have been larger than in any Marine Barracks at Chatham ; and, former year, and a proportionate in through the parent institution, to crease will be found in the general his Majesty's troops in Chatham circulation of religious books. garrison. Four parochial libraries

A few particulars only are stated have been established in this disrespecting the proceedings of Dio- trict, which appear completely to cesan and District Committees, the answer their design. In the Report number of them not allowing of de- of the Blackheath Committee, an tails. Among these particulars we account is given of eight lending notice the following: -The Bishop libraries in this district, and we of Durham has presented a donation learn with much pleasure, that those of 1001., to be continued annually useful institutions are resorted to during his life, to purchase Prayer with avidity, and that few books are books for the use of his diocese. at any time remaining on the shelves. Religious education is spreading ra-. . Since the publication of the last pidly in every part of that diocese. Report, the Society has been de

-The Bath Committee have trans- prived of the services of its venerable mitted to the Board a comparative Secretary, Dr. Gaskin, who for sestatement of their sale of books dur- ven-and-thirty years had paid the ing the last three years, by which it most unremitting attention to its appears that a vast increase has concerns. The Rev. W. Parker, taken place since the establishment M.A. Rector of St. Ethelburga and of their depository for the sale of the the Rev. W. H. Coleridge, M. A. Society's publications to the public. Student of Christ Church, Oxford, Their subscribers, also, have in- have been appointed to fill the office creased, within two years, from 135 as joint secretaries, with equal sato 192; and a spacious gallery in laries. the new Church at Bath has been The Special Committee have been assigned to the children of the Na- · enabled to defray the charges of a tional and Sunday Schools. The very large issue of anti-infidel books Coventry Committee state, that the and tracts, and of a considerable institution of Parochial, and in some sale of other religious publications. instances of Private, Lending Libra. In addition to the six well known ries has been productive of much tracts on the Evidence of Christiadvantage in this district, and has anity, which were placed long ago created a more than ordinary de- on the Society's catalogue, thirtymand for books.—The Report of the four new tracts upon the same subLewes Deanery Committee mentions, ject were procured and published by that the tracts which were lately circu- the Committee; and 943,300 copies lated to counteract the growing spi- of these books and tracts were printvit of infidelity are now but little re- ed for the use of the public. The quired in this neighbourhood; while greater part of this stock-namely, the demand for religious books is 677,491 books and tracts-has been circulated through the country. The and attainments they venture to surplus, 265,809, remains in the So- found the most sanguine expectaciety's stores.

tions; and they look forward with . But the issue of books by the confidence to his powerful and zea

Special Committee' has not been lous aid in the prosecution of their confined to anti-infidel publications. designs." The Bishop of Calcutta One thousand and fifteen Bibles, left London on the 16th of June, (exclusive of the Society's Family on his voyage to India. Bible), 757 Testaments, 1451 Prayer The last Report from Calcutta, books, 2517 other bound books, and after an affectionate tribute to the ·113,116 Tracts, have been disposed memory of the late Bishop and of at cost price from the shop in Archdeacon, gives a general view Fleet-street; and a considerable sup- of the proceedings of the Committee ply of the same articles is still in during the year 1822. Great care hand. The total number of books has been taken to keep up a supply and tracts issued by the Committee, of books and tracts for distribution, since its appointment, is 798,201, and of elementary works for young and the stock undisposed of exceeds people. A large number of Bibles, 300,000. The money remaining at Prayer-books, and Tracts, has been the disposal of the Committee will distributed during the year among be more than sufficient to defray the patients in the general and mithe expenses of the shop in Fleet- litary hospitals : the jail also has restreet during the time that the So- ceived supplies, as well as the miliciety has resolved to continue it, tary and other schools at Fort Wiland will enable the Committee to liam, Dum Dum, and other places; make an adequate trial of the plan and many persons have been furfor selling the books on the Society's nished with a small select library. catalogue to the public at reduced Lending libraries have been estăprices.

blished at several of the princiThe Board have received the sum pal stations in the archdeaconry. of 10001. in augmentation of the * This measure," says the Comfund of Clericus) for supplying sol. mittee, “ has been of great utility, if diers on foreign stations with Com- we may judge from the constant demon Prayer Books and Religious mand which has been made for the Tracts. A grant of 1501. has been books, and the evident satisfaction made to the District Committee at with which they have been received." Bombay, to assist them in translat. The number of books and tracts reing into the dialect of that part of ceived during the year 1822, amounts India some tracts selected from to 16,723, of which 5,974 have been the Society's catalogue. The whole sold or gratuitously distributed.number of Bibles, Common Prayer It is observed by the Calcutta ComBooks, and other books and tracts mittee, that, notwithstanding the distributed between April, 1822, vast quantity of Prayer-books cirand April, 1823, amounts to culated in India since the establish. 1,400,711.

ment of Committees, the demand is The Society's proceedings on the still so great that they have been mournful intelligence of the death unable to meet it from their own of the late Bishop of Calcutta, and resources. the appointment of his successor, The importance of education bewhich occupy a considerable part of gins to be more justly appreciated the Report, have been already de- by the natives of India. In the cirtailed in our pages. The Report cle of Cossipore the Diocesan School speaks in the highest terms of the Committee have resolved to appoint hopes entertained by the Society of a superintendent as soon as they can benefit to India from the exertions find a competent person. They are of the new bishop.“ On his virtues preparing to establish two additional schools, at Ben Hoogly and North the peculiar situation of clergymen Burnagore. This Committee are in this country, as well as that of the diligently engaged in translating military who form their chief spiri." sound religious tracts into the tual charge, it is presumed that much languages of India. No less than benefit will be derived from the es14,000 have already been printed. tablishment of these libraries. The The discourses of our Lord in the Society's Family Bible continues to Hindoostanee tongue were just com- be in great demand at Bombay. pleted.

Copies of the Arabic Bible' have The Third Report of the Bombay been distributed in the Persian District Committee presents a most Gulph. The assistance afforded by favourable account of their exertions. the supplies of the cheap schoolIn the distribution of the Scriptures, tracts used on the National system, and other books and tracts, great continues to be of great importance. attention has been paid to the wants The number of persons educated in of Europeans in this presidency; and schools, where the books of the hospitals, schools, and regimental Committee are wholly or partially establishments have been supplied. used, exceed 1,200; of whom about At several out-stations in this arch- one-third may be natives. deaconry, depôts of the Society's In closing their Report, the Board books and tracts have been formed, again congratulate the friends of the and placed under the care of the Church of England, on the growchaplains. The Bombay District ing prosperity of the Society; addCommittee have dispersed no less ing, that “if there is nothing in the than 33,941 copies of the Scrip- transactions of the last year which tures, liturgy, and other books and exceeds the bounds of reasonable tracts, since their establishment in expectation, there is yet much to June, 1816. Three lending libra- gratify the sober Christian, and to ries have been formed in the arch- encourage his efforts in the dissemideaconry of Bombay. Considering nation of religious truth."

BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. In our Number for September, we love of God towards wretched and abstracted that part of the Society's sinful man! From all quarters I reNineteenth Report which relates to ceive encouraging letters, written by the chief European Societies. We Catholic clergymen, who approve of have reserved for our Appendix my exertions and struggles in the some interesting miscellaneous par- Biblical cause; but I exclaim with ticulars, together with an outline of the Psalmist, · Not unto us, O Lord, the progress of Bible Societies in not unto us; but unto thy name the other quarters of the globe. give the glory.'”

The Committee advert with plea. The presses at Venice have fursure to the labours of Doctor Lean- nished the Committee with 3,700 der Van Ess among his Roman Ca. Armenian New Testaments, and tholic brethren. It appears, that, 2,000 copies of the Psalter, all of up to May 1822, he had circulated which have been forwarded to Malta, 456,870 copies of his New Testa. Smyrna, and Constantinople. The ment, besides 8,934 copies of Lu- Corresponding Committee of Gibralther's German Bible, and a number tar have found means to circulate of copies in the Greek, Latin, and no less than 3,175 copies of the Hebrew languages. His supporters, Scriptures. Of these, upwards of among persons of his own religious 1,500 copies were Spanish, 500 Itapersuasion were on the increase. lian, and 400 Portuguese. At BarHe writes; “ How wonderful is the celona, 10,000copies of the Spanish CHRIST. OBSERV.-APP.

5 P

New Testament, of Father $cio's sinia, is now in active progress, the version, have been printed. At difficulties which had retarded it Madeira, the sale and distribution of having been at length surmounted. the holy Scriptures have continued It was proposed to print in the first without interruption, and facilities instance the Four Gospels, and that for promoting the same object at of St. Matthew had already passed Teneriffe have not been neglected through the press. The Committee

The Bible Society at Malta, acknowledge their obligations to though embarrassed in its opera- their honorary librarian, Mr. Platt, tions by the present disturbed state for the care and attention with of Greece, continues assiduously to which he continues to prosecute the distribute the Scriptures, through laborious task of editing that imvarious channels, to the surrounding portant work. In the course of last islands and maritime nations. Its year, Mr. Platt proceeded to Paris, issues amounted, in November at the request of the Committee, to 1821, to 7,303 copies.

examine the Oriental MSS. of that To the Ionian Society the Com- city, for materials to assist in the mittee have forwarded a further prosecution of another department supply of 1,000 Greek New Testa- of their Abyssinian labours, the ments, and 200 Hebrew Bibles. publication of a correct edition of

In Constantinople and its vici- the Scriptures, or parts of them, in nity, about 1,300 copies of the the Ethiopic language. The aid Scriptures, in various languages, which he procured was such as will, have either been distributed or it was hoped, enable the Committee sent into Syria and Armenia for cir- to proceed in a short time to an edi. culation.

tion of the Four Gospels of this verIn Syria the operations of the So- sion. . ciety had sustained a temporary in- The Bible Societies in the East terruption from the appalling cata- Indies have been enabled by the listrophe which had befallen, the city beral contributions of their respec. of Aleppo and the surrounding ter- tive supporters, and by the assistritories. Mr. Barker, however, pre- ance afforded them by the British viously to his retreat from that city, and Foreign Bible Society, to carry had found means to distribute among on with vigour their operations in its inhabitants 1,000 copies of the the continental, as well as insular Arabic New Testament and Psalter. regions, with which they have estaOn his arrival at Smyrna, he recom- blished a connexion. winter menced his exertions, and distri- The Calcutta Auxiliary has combuted, in conjunction with the pleted the Malay Old Testament, Rev. Samuel Favez, chaplain of and nearly the whole of the impresthe Dutch faetory in that city, the sion is on its way to its destination. stock of the Scriptures which had The number of missionaries has been sent thither. Mr. Leeves also been progressively increasing, and visited Smyrna during the progress schools are rapidly advancing in of a tour, which he had undertaken Sumatra, Penang, Malacca, Batain behalf of the Society. The Ja- via, Amboyna, and other places. mentable effects of the war met his The printing of the Old Testament observation at Scio, Ephesus, and in the Hindoostanee had advanced other places ; nor were opportuni- nearly to the end of Leviticus. The ties wanting for affording spiritual Hindoostanee New Testament had relief to some of the unlappy suf- been submitted to the revision of ferers. To their use he devoted, on the Rev. Mr. Bowley. The Cal. the part of the Bible Society, a pre- cutta Committee had resolved to gent of Greek Testaments.

print, without delay, 4,000 copies of The printing of the Amharic ver- the Gospels and Acts, and 1,003 of sion, destined for the use of Abys- the whole New Testament in Ben

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