Ordinary Prussians: Brandenburg Junkers and Villagers, 1500-1840

Cambridge University Press, 12.12.2002 - 679 Seiten
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This book gives voice, in unusual depth and immediacy, to ordinary villagers and landlords (Junkers) in the Prussian-German countryside, from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. The trials and fortunes of everyday life come into view - in the family, the workplace, in the private lives of both men and women, in courtroom and jailhouse, and under the gaze of the rising Prussian monarchy's officials and army officers. What emerges is a many-dimensioned, long-term study of a rural society, inviting comparisons on a world-historical level. The book also puts to a test the possibilities of empirical historical knowledge at the microhistorical or 'grass-roots' level. But it also reconceptualizes, on the scale of Prussian-German and European history, the rise of agrarian capitalism, challenging views widespread in the economic history literature on the common people's working standards, and including massive documentation on women's condition, rights and social roles.

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Grand narratives ordinary Prussians
After the deluge a noble lordships sixteenthcentury ascent and seventeenthcentury crisis
The Prussianization of the countryside? Noble lordship under early absolutism 16481728
Village identities in social practice and law
Daily bread village farm incomes living standards and lifespans
The Kleists good fortune family strategies and estate management in an eighteenthcentury noble lineage
Noble lordships servitors and clients estate managers artisans clergymen domestic servants
Farm servants young and old landless laborers in the villages and at the manor
Policing crime and the moral order 17001760 seigneurial court village mayors church state and army
Policing seigneurial rent the Kleists battle with their subjects insubordination and the villagers appeals to royal justice 17271806
Seigneurial bond severed from subject farmers to freeholders from compulsory estate labors to free 18061840

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Seite 657 - Kölling (Hrsg.): Leben und Arbeiten auf märkischem Sand. Wege in die Gesellschaftsgeschichte Brandenburgs 17001914. Bielefeld 1999, S.

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Über den Autor (2002)

William W. Hagen was born in 1942, and has taught at UC Davis since 1970. He is the author of Germans, Poles, and Jews: The Nationality Conflict in the Prussian East, 1772-1914 (Chicago, 1980). Ordinary Prussians is the culmination of his research over the past two decades, including two years in the Prussian State archive.

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