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Christian Worship.




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1865, by

A. S. BARNES & Co., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern

District of New York.

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V.-THE HOLY SPIRIT..................385-428



XV.-INDEX OF TUNES.....................



THE HISTORY and purpose of the following Collection of Hymns and Tunes may be sufficiently set forth in a few words. It has been prepared by a PASTOR; for the use, primarily, of the Church to which it is his privilege to minister, in their public and private worship of Almighty God. The book is offered to the Christian public, in the thought that what has thus been compiled for one congregation may, perhaps, be found acceptable and made useful in others like it.

This REVISED EDITION, called “Songs for the Sanctuary,” to avoid confusion, contains all the additions, and exhibits all the alterations, which the experience of three years' use of the “ Songs of the Church” could suggest. In its issue is found the completion of the original purpose announced by the compiler, to prepare a Manual which might be used in the Lecture-room, the Family, and the House of God, offering a choice of its two forms, according to preference. Accompanying this edition, moreover, a book has been prepared containing the Hymns only, for the convenience of those desiring more portable size.

The PLAN here adopted has had for its purpose the settlement, in some measure, of that annoying difference of opinion, which holds place in many quarters, concerning artistic and congregational singing. A compromise has been attempted on this point. About two-thirds of the Hymns are set to music, the remainder left free. It is proposed that in each service two Hymns shall be given out among those accompanied with Tunes, and one among the others. This one, not occurring in any fixed place, but given at will for opening, closing, or elsewhere, the Choir are expected to adapt to any music in this Collection or out of it, at their own pleasure, and sing without interference or help. The remaining Hymns they are expected to lead the Congregation in singing to the Music which is in sight. All the people are cordially invited to take unrestrained part in this portion of Divine worship.

In most cases, a choice of Tunes is presented. A known or old piece has been printed near a fresher or new one. It does not, therefore, foılow that a Hymn is always to be sung to the Tune under which it exactly stands. Mere mechanical reasons may have forced its location there, when, perhaps, the fitter music for its sentiment will be found across cn the opposite page.

The compiler presents the humble result, of what has been to him very serious labor, to his own beloved people, and to the Church at large, with unaffected pleasure, in the simple hope that it may be used by our Divine Redeemer in building up His chosen in the most holy faith ; and that it may be so accompanied by the grace of His Spirit-would that it might be even so honored !-as to be as the sound of silver bells calling those who know not our Lord to His most joyful feasts of love. So may it advance, in its own measure, the worship of our King, till our eyes shall see Him in His beauty, and behold the land that is very far off!

CHAS. S. ROBINSON. BROOKLYN, N. Y., March 1st, 1895.

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