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The History of Tom · Jones a Foundling, by H. Fiel. ding , 4 vol. in 12, br.

rol. Sentimental journey through France and Italy, by

M. Yorick. To which is prefixed, an account of the

life and writings of M. Scerne, in-12. br. 21. 10 f. Tour through Sicily and Malta, in a Series of Letters by P. Brydone , 2 vol. in-12. br.

21. Travels into several remote Nations of the World,

by Gulliver, 2 vol. in 12. br. The Life and most surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, in-12. br.

21. 10 f. The Vicar of Wakefield; a tale supposed to be written

by Himself. ( by Goldsmith. ) in.12. br. 21, 108. The Seasons, by James Thomson , in-12. br. 2 1. 10 f. Collection of Poems , by Several Hands. Henry & Em.

ma, by Prior. Amintor & Theodora , by Mallet. Porsenna King of Russia ,. by Lisle. The Traveller & the Deserted Village, by Goldsmith. The Hermit, by Parnell, in-12. br.

21. 10f. Tale of a Tub, written for the universal improvement

of Mankind, by Swift, in-12. br. 2 1. 101. The Complaint: or Nighi-Thoughts, on Life, Death,

and Immortality, by Young, 2 vol. in.12. br. ş h. Poems, on several occalions, by Addison, in.12. br.

21. 10f. The Poetical Works, of l'ope, 2 vol. in-12. br. st. Paradise loft, a Poem, by J. Milton, to which are

addedolaradire regained, Lycidas, l'Allegio , il Pen

seroso, 2 vol. in-12. br. Gay's Fables & Moore's Fables for the Female sex, in-12. br.

21.10 r. The Adventures of Telemachus, translated into En. glish, by Desmaiseaux, in-12. rel.



The History of Tom Jones a Foundling, by H. Fiel

ding, Paris printed by Fr. Ambr. DiDOT, 4.vol. in 8. br. très belle édition.

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