A text-book of engineering drawing and design

C. Griffin, limited, 1905

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Seite 38 - II. Classification of Steel Ships. III. Considerations in making choice of Type of Vessel. — Framing of Ships. IV. Strains experienced by Ships. — Methods of Computing and Comparing Strengths of Ships. V. Construction of Ships. — Alternative Modes of Construction. — Types of Vessels. — Turret, Self Trimming, and Trunk Steamers, &c. — Rivets and Rivetting, Workmanship. VI. Pumping Arrangements. VII. Maintenance. — Prevention of Deterioration in the Hulls of Ships. — Cement, Paint,...
Seite 39 - KnOW Your Own Ship : A Simple Explanation of the Stability, Construction, Tonnage, and Freeboard of Ships. By THOS. WALTON, Naval Architect.
Seite 31 - SECOND EDITION, Cloth, 8s. 6d. Leather, for the Pocket, 8s. 6d. GRIFFIN'S ELECTRICAL PRICE-BOOK: For Electrical, Civil, Marine, and Borough Engineers, Local Authorities, Architects, Railway Contractors, &c., &c. Edited by HJ DOWSING. " The ELECTRICAL PRICE-BOOK REMOVES ALL MYSTERY about the cost of Electrical Power.
Seite 22 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Seite 39 - Gazette. A Medical and Surgical Help for Shipmasters. Including First Aid at Sea. By WM. JOHNSON SMITH, FRCS, Principal Medical Officer, Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich.
Seite 32 - BY THE SAME AUTHOR. KITCHEN BOILER EXPLOSIONS: Why they Occur, and How to Prevent their Occurrence. A Practical Handbook based on Actual Experiment. With Diagram and Coloured Plate. Price 33.
Seite 33 - TABLE, in place of the usual Fifteen minute computations required. This alone is evidence of the assistance which the Tables ensure to every user, and as every Surveyor in active practice has felt the want of such assistance FEW KNOWING OF THEIR PUBLICATION WILL REMAIN WITHOUT THEM.
Seite 44 - SHIP. BY THOMAS WALTON, NAVAL ARCHITECT. Specially arranged to suit the requirements of Ships' Officers, Shipowners, Superintendents, Draughtsmen, Engineers, and Others. This work explains, in a simple manner, such important subjects as: — Displacement. — Deadweight.— Tonnage. — Freeboard. —Moments. — Buoyancy.— Strain Structure. — Stability.— Rolling — Ballasting. — Loading. — Shifting Cargoes. — Admission of Water.— Sail Area.— &c.
Seite 50 - THE MEAN DENSITY OF THE EARTH : An Essay to which the Adams Prize was adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge. By JH POYNTINO, Sc.D., FRS, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Physics, Birmingham University.
Seite 46 - THE CALCULUS FOR ENGINEERS AND PHYSICISTS, Applied to Technical Problems. WITH EXTENSIVE CLASSIFIED REFERENCE LIST OF INTEGRALS. By PROF. ROBERT H. SMITH. ASSISTED BY RF MTJIRHEAD, MA, B.Sc., Formerly Clark Fellow of Glasgow University, and Lecturer on Mathematics at Mason College.

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