The history of France, from the earliest period


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Seite 141 - State, to point out to the people the name of the citizen he recommends, in the interest of France, to the confidence of the people and to its suffrages. " Art. 18. Until the election of the new President of the Republic, the President of the Senate governs with the concurrence of the Ministers in office, who form themselves into a Government Council, and deliberate by a majority of votes.
Seite 1 - Greve in a terrible manner. They succeeded in driving the citizens into the Rues de Matriot and du Mouton, and entered for the second time that day into their position at the Hotel de Ville ; but their possession of it did not continue long, for they were soon again attacked with a perseverance and courage that was almost irresistible. On the 29th General Lafayette was appointed commander-in-chief of the, national guards by the liberal deputies, and was received with enthusiasm by the Parisians.
Seite 127 - His love of pictures was as strong as his love of power — stronger, since it survived. A fatal malady had seized on the cardinal, whilst engaged in the conferences of the treaty, and worn by mental fatigue. He brought it home with him to the Louvre. He consulted Guenaud, the great physician, who told him that he had two months to live. Some days after receiving this dread mandate, Brienne perceived the cardinal in night-cap and dressing-gown, tottering along his gallery, pointing to his pictures,...
Seite 135 - Art. 4. The state of siege is decreed throughout the first military division. " Art. 5. The Council of State is dissolved. " Art. 6. The Minister of the Interior is charged with the execution of the present decree.
Seite 104 - Meanwhile a violent debate was going on in the orangery, several members insisting upon knowing why the place of sitting had been changed. The president endeavoured to allay this storm ; but the removal had created great heat, and the cry was, "Down with the dictator! No dictator !" At that moment Buonaparte himself entered, bare-headed, followed by four grenadiers; on which several members exclaimed, "Who is that?
Seite 136 - I, then, make a loyal appeal to the entire nation ; and I say to you, if you wish to continue this state of disquietude and malaise that degrades you and endangers the future, choose another person in my place; for I no longer wish for a place which is powerless for good, but which makes me responsible for acts that I cannot hinder, and chains me to the helm when I see the vessel rushing into the abyss.
Seite 135 - In place of making laws for the general interest of the people, it was forging arms for civil war. It attacked the power I hold directly from the people ; it encouraged every evil passion ; it endangered the repose of France. I have dissolved it ; and I make the whole people judge between me and it. The constitution, as you know, had been made with the object of weakening beforehand the powers you intrusted to me.
Seite 135 - to know who would govern France in 1852, but ' to employ the time at his disposal, so that the ' transition, whatever it might be, should be ' effected without agitation or disturbance ; for...
Seite 132 - In presence of God, and before the French people, represented by the National Assembly, I swear to remain faithful to the Democratic Kepublic One and Indivisible, and to fulfil all the duties which the Constitution imposes upon me.
Seite 132 - ... Damas, minister of foreign affairs, informed the chamber that all the continental powers had endeavoured to prevent the interference of Spain in the affairs of Portugal ; that France had co-operated with them, had withdrawn her ambassador from Madrid, and had entered into arrangements with England to leave Portugal and Spain to settle their affairs in their own way. -Several unpopular measures brought forward by the ministers, were after violent discussions rejected, among which was a proposed...

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