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so continually directed, not only to the political, but also to the moral and religious welfare of the Nation, that they have deservedly secured for your person and administration, both the confidence and the affections of the country-both the voice and the heart of the people.

: My Lord, to promote what I believe to be one of the first of your Lordship’s wishes—to promote the practice and principles of the Christian Religion in that Church to which I have the privilege to belong, will, I trust, be

my constant endeavour. And that Providence' may continue your valuable life, in health, and strength, and honour, for the public benefit and your own individual and increasing happiness, will ever be the earnest prayer of

Your Lordship’s

Most obliged, and

Very obedient, humble Servant,


Feb. 22, 1826.


THE origin and reason of the present publication are so fully detailed in the first and second Discourses, that I deem it unnecessary to make any further extracts from Mr. Hulse's Will. In future years it may be incunibent on the Lecturer to do so; but at present it is only requisite to state why this is the first series of Discourses which has ever been either preached or published in pursuance of Mr. Hulse's bequests, although he died so long ago as 1789. One principal reason, among many others, I believe to have been this, that the proceeds of his estates were not at an earlier period sufficient to repay the Preacher for the expense of printing, much less to remunerate him for the anxious labour of composing twenty Discourses fit to be delivered before

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