Organ Transplants from Executed Prisoners: An Argument for the Creation of Death Sentence Organ Removal Statutes

McFarland & Company, 01.01.1999 - 156 Seiten
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This is a study of the utilitarian proposal for the creation of death sentence organ removal statutes that would make legal the harvesting of transplantable organs from the cadavers of executed capital murderers. The book outlines the legal history of the human corpse, examines the current market for transplantable organs and the development of transplanting techniques, presents legal justifications for the imposition of organ harvesting, and even anticipates the constitutional arguments that will be made by capital felons attempting to challenge removal of their organs.
Current methods of execution are examined, along with the need to implement a new method of execution that will efficiently allow the harvesting of healthy organs. Also discussed are changes for prosecuting capital murderers, expediting executions, and minimizing ethnic, racial, gender, and economic discrimination as related to death sentences. An appendix provides a model death sentence organ removal statute.

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Palmer is a staff attorney.

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