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The Mother's Legacy


Mother-Love, Bright Hopes


Cherished Memories.



Author of "The Science of Self," "Higher Motives in Business Life," "Outlines of Universal

Knowledge," etc., etc.




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Note: This book is not for sale in any book store and never will be.

-The Publishers.

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AN covers the face of the earth with his achieve

ments and his triumphs, while woman develops the heart of the world, and leads it into paths of pleasantness and peace. Fatherhood implies kingly strength, conquest, and guidance in material things, while Motherhood wears the royal purple of queen in the domain of the home, the affections, the pure loves, undying hopes and dear memories that inspire and guide our lives,

After mother's death, years ago, the author searched diligently for something to read-some book on the subjects presented here. Not finding what he wished, he has since then devoted his best hours to gathering the rich heritage of thought from poets and sages, and building into one volume the legacy of love, memory and hope, which every true mother bequeaths to her sons and daughters.

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This book is now sent forth in the belief that it


will awaken, on the part of all, a deeper appreciation of the mother who is the central figure of the home; that it will encourage parents in their care for the children, present and absent; that it will call the wanderer back to this world's only source of unselfish love; that it will strengthen the family ties, making them more beautiful and tender; that it will give courage for the daily task and a loving charity toward all mankind; and that it will breathe hope for that future where language is music, thought is light and love is law. It embodies those rare gems of prose and poetry in which are found the most inspiring thoughts of the true and good of all ages. To the mature in years and to the young alike these thoughts will come, now as sad, sweet melodies, shedding a gentle dew of melancholy, and awakening the soul to see the reflected radiance of a golden dawn; and again, as beacon lights of faith and hope, deepening the pleasure and the memories of home and lighting the pathway to a nobler and a grander future.


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