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Author's faithful Servant, Demba, is seized by Ali's Order, and sent back into

Slavery.- Ali returns to his Camp, and permits the Author to remain at Jarra,

who, thenceforward, meditaies his Escape.- Daisy, King of Kaarta, approaching

with his Army towards Jarra, the Inhabitants quit the town, and the Author

accompanies them in their Flight.— A Party of Moors overtake him at Queira.-

He gets away from them at Daybreak :-is again pursued by another Party, and

robbed; but finally effects his Escape.

p. 158


The Author feels great Joy at his Deliverance, and proceeds through the Wilderness,

E. S. E.; but finds his Situation very deplorable.--Suffers greatly from Thirst,

and faints on the Sand : -recovers, and makes another Effort to push forwurd.

Is providentially relieved by a Fall of Rain.- Arrives at a Foulah Village,

where he is refused Relief by the Dooty; but obtains Food from a poor Woman.-

Continues his Journey through the Wilderness, and the next Day lights on another

Foulah Village, where he is hospitably received by one of the Shepherds.- Arrives

on the thiril Duy at a Negro town called llawra, tributary to the King of


p. 172


The Author proceeds to Wassibuois joined by some fugitive Kaartans, who accom-

pany him in his Route through Bambarru.-Discovers the Niger.--Some Account

of Sego, the Capitul of Bamburra.-Mansong, the King, refuses to see the

Author, but sends him a Present. —Great Hospitality of a Negro Wornan. p. 181

Government of Manding.The Author's Reception by the Mansa, or chief Man

of Sibidooloo, who takes Measures for the Recovery of his Horse and Effects. -

P. 385


The Construction of the Geography continued.

p. 398


Construction of the New Map of North Africa.- New Arrangement of the Course of

the Nile-Its distant Fountain yet unexplored by Europeans.-A central Position

in Africa, determined.-Edrisi's Line of Distance, consistent.--Errors of Leo.

p. 414


The Subject continued_Course of the River Niger, at largehas no Communication

with the Nile-Ptolemy's Description of it consistent.

p. 434


Observations on the physical and political Geography of North Africa, Naturally

divisible into three Parts-Productive in Gold-Boundary of the Moors and

Negroes-the Foulahs, the Leucæthiopes of the Ancients.

P. 447

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