Documents on German foreign policy: 1918-1945, Band 6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950

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Seite 183 - I HAVE the honour, under instructions from His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to inform you that...
Seite 84 - Today's meeting left the impression that with France and England, the two powers principally interested in the committee, it is not so much a question of taking actual steps immediately as of pacifying the aroused feelings of the Leftist parties in both countries by the very establishment of such a committee. In particular during my conversation today with Vansittart...
Seite 100 - An expert foreign observer has noted that in the Black Sea harbour of Novorossiisk access to the harbour area has been more severely restricted since the summer months. The old entrance permits have been annulled and replaced by new ones. The same observer felt he had grounds for assuming that there was more than food in the heavy crates composing the cargo of the Neva, which left Odessa for Spain. So far, however, it has been impossible to obtain reliable proof of violation of the arms embargo by...
Seite 819 - With reference to the future policy of Nationalist Spain, Franco stressed that the fear evidently existing in Germany that he would turn to France and England after the victory was entirely unfounded. He would not think of doing so, since England and France had antiquated political and economic convictions and were declining powers whose methods were not suited to a rising Spain.
Seite 416 - Government propose that the above program should be carried out in the following stages: I. Establishment of officers in Spanish ports, and withdrawal of naval patrol, as soon as possible; II. Establishment of commissions to make arrangements for and supervise the withdrawal of foreign nationals, and extension of the Non-intervention Agreement as proposed in § 5, to follow I as quickly as possible; III.
Seite 172 - The role played by the Spanish conflict as regards Italy's relations with France and England could be similar to that of the Abyssinian conflict, bringing out clearly the actual, opposing interests of the powers and thus preventing Italy from being drawn into the net of the Western powers and used for their machinations. The struggle for dominant political influence in Spain lays bare the natural opposition between Italy and France; at the same time the position of Italy as a power in the Western...
Seite 64 - But he added: I hardly believe that the plan could really entail any serious danger for us. The word "control" does not appear in the French note; according to Frangois-Poncet's explanation, too, what was involved was primarily an exchange of information and a coordination. We ourselves, after all, can play a part in seeing that this London arrangement does not develop into a permanent political agency which might make trouble for us; and in this we can secure Italian and British support, too. Naturally,...
Seite 564 - ... this openly. The fact that questions concerning which no one knows whether they will ever become actual are discussed with great seriousness in all details also contributes toward making the whole thing often appear more of a game than a reality. The non-intervention policy is so unstable and is such an artificial creation that everyone fears to cause its collapse by a clear 'no' and then have to bear the responsibility.
Seite 269 - Franco should meet widi opposition from the Falange, we and the Italians are agreed that, in spite of all our inclination toward the Falange and its sound tendencies, we must support Franco, who after all intends to make the program of the Falange the basis of his internal policy. The realization of the most urgently needed social reforms is possible only with Franco, not in opposition to him.82 Faupel was not pleased by the results of the April diktat and greatly distrusted the "reactionaries
Seite 415 - With a view to the more effective application of the policy of non-intervention all Governments parties to the Non-intervention Agreement, to recognize the two parties in Spain as possessing a status which justifies them in exercising belligerent rights at sea, in accordance with the rules governing such exercise...

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