Letters of Mr. Alexander Pope, and Several of His Friends

J. Wright, 1737 - 306 Seiten

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Seite 262 - ... with agreeable hopes ; or melancholy with dejection, contemplative of the changes of fortune, and doubtful for the future: Whether returned a triumphant Whig, or a desponding Tory, equally all hail!
Seite 323 - I now lodge with) he has too much Wit, as well as Courage, to make a solid General; and if he escapes being banished by others, I fear he will banish himself.
Seite 266 - It was but this very morning that he had obtained her parents' consent, and it was but till the next week that they were to wait to be happy. Perhaps...
Seite 203 - ... the common kinds, as cherries, apricots, peaches, &c. they produce oranges, limes, almonds, pomegranates, figs, water-melons, and many other fruits unknown to our climates, which lie every where open to the paflenger.
Seite 307 - Lordfhip : you, while your imagination is carrying you through every corner of the world, where you have or have not been, can at the fame time remember to do offices of favour and kindnefs to the meaneft of your friends ; and...
Seite 142 - ... tone) that it was eleven at night. All this was no ill preparation to the life I have led since, among those old...
Seite 204 - The inhabitants of this delicious isle, as they are without riches and honours, so are they without the vices and follies that attend them ; and were they but as much...
Seite 101 - ... an advantage not very common to young men, that the attractions of the world have not dazzled me very much...
Seite 142 - I wanted nothing but a black gown and a salary to be as mere a bookworm as any there. I conformed...
Seite 329 - Your notions of friendship are new to me : I believe every man is born with his quantum ; and he cannot give to one without robbing another.

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