Introductory Hebrew Grammar: Hebrew Syntax

T. & T. Clark, 1894 - 233 Seiten

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Seite 235 - His judgment is singularly fair, calm, unbiassed, and independent. It is also thoroughly reverential. . . . The service, which his book will render in the present confusion of mind on this great subject, can scarcely be overestimated.
Seite 243 - Marked by clearness and good sense, it will be found to possess value and interest as one of the most recent and copious works specially designed to illustrate this Gospel.
Seite 244 - Expositor. In Three Volumes, 8vo, price 10s. 6d. each, CHRISTIAN ETHICS. Volume I. GENERAL ETHICS.— II. INDIVIDUAL ETHICS.— III. SOCIAL ETHICS. 'As man is a member of two societies, a temporal and a spiritual, it is clear that his ethical development only can go on when these two are treated side by side. This Bishop Martensen has done with rare skill. We do not know where the connecting claims of Church and State are more equitably adjusted. . . . We can read these volumes through with unflagging...
Seite 244 - There is no work which deals with this subject in a manner so scientific and so thorough as Hagenbach's. Moreover, there is no edition of this work, either in German or in English, which approaches the present as to completeness and accuracy.
Seite 244 - To students this volume will be helpful and welcome.' — Freeman. ' We feel much indebted to Messrs. Clark for their introduction of this important compendium of orthodox theology from the pen of the learned Danish Bishop. . . . Every reader must rise from its perusal stronger, calmer, and more hopeful, not only for the fortunes of Christianity, but of dogmatic theology.
Seite 235 - Christian Ethics. By NEWMAN SMYTH, DD, Author of ' Old Faiths in New Light,
Seite 244 - Mr. Orippen is studiously, on some points startlingly, and enviably fair. His book shows wide reading and honest thinking. It abounds in acute distinctions; its statement of varying views of doctrine is sometimes very happy, and it sufficiently illustrates the pathology of theological speculation.
Seite 240 - This volume is full of nervous force, eloquent style, and intense moral earnestness. There is poetry of feeling in it also; and, whilst it manifests an original mind, it is accompanied by that spirit of reverence which ought always to be brought to the study of the Holy Scripture. A masterly intellect is associated in Ewald with the humility of a child.'- -Evangelical Magazine.
Seite 165 - I have sworn by Myself, that to Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear"!

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