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of the Fall of the Angels, for all once to die ; that God had appointed, limited and determined the Time and Moment of the Death of every Man. No otherwise, my Mother replied, then that as sure as any one is born, so sure he must die. I added, Do you think that God is the Author of War, Pestilence, Inundation, Earthquakes, &c. by which so many Thousands perish. She replied, I cannot think it ; he is the Author of Peace, and the Preserver of Man..

I was still willing to pursue my Discourse, I therefore desired to know, whether she had the same Opinion concerning this Earth as heretofore. My Mother answered, I believe and am verily persuaded in my own Mind, that this Place is Hell, and I hope and wish that after the Diffolution of my Soul and Body, I may be admitted into PANCONIA (n). Which is a feigned Name that was generally used by my Mother and Self, to denote one of the superior Worlds, or one of the Mansions spoken of in the Text.

She was from the Beginning of her Illness till her Death, sensible of her approaching Dissolution, and her Diftemper. being consumptive, she frequently said, I loose my Life by Inches ().


(n) If any Man Thould ask, Why I called one of the fuperior Worlds by this Name? I answer, I think I have as great a Right as any Man that has gone before me, to fix and appropriate Appellations toʻnameless Places. The Word fignines with me, an All-peaceful Region, a Place of Joy, Ease and Tranquillity.

(0) Which Expression signifies only this, that my Mother thought it long before the Time of her Departure came, and declares, that she was very willing to quit her Body, the Prison of her Soul.

She loved God above all Things, and her constant Prayer was, That le might be redeemed out of Hell, and admitted into the Place prepared for thoje who love the Lord. And when she grew weak, and her natural Faculties were so very much impaired, that she had not Strength to cxpress herself in Words, yet we could perceive, that she continued her Prayer and Hope, that she should be admitted into the Mansions prepared by our Lord and Redeemer.


To which happy Places may we all be so wise

as to attain, through the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ ; to whom with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be all Honour, Might, Majesty and Glory, now and ever. Amen.

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