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all Ages might have said, that it was Type of Christ) and consequently when he had made it, . he praised it and spread the Fame of it through all the Tribes of Israel, for Aaron built an Altar before it, and proclaimed a solemn Feait : P: And after he had elevated it, he and the People xxxii, 2, danced round it. Thus Aaron was at that Time &c. the Priest of the Calf in a literal Sense, as he was the Maker of it, and wouid have continued so, had not Mojes came and spoilt the Trade, discovering the Cheat. (i)


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which he was a Servant ? Also, what is meant by Moses's being stiled a Minister, if that does not signify an Ambassador from Prince Fethro to the Hebrews. Again, what the Doctor means by that He acted under the Command and Direction of another as a Minister, which he was faithful in, if it does not relate to fome Commands and Directions he received from 7e. thro. Lastly, What is to be understood by delivering Laws as the Result of the Divine Appointment, if hereby is not meant, that Mofes had for every Law and Ordinance he instituted not received miraculously and immediately the Command of the Great God of Heaven, but delivered them to the 7ews only as (what he thought) agreeable to the Mind of God.

(1) No sooner was ñaron made a Priest by Moses, Exod. xxiii. I, but he sets up the Trade of Religion for himself, Ch. xxxii. 2, 36. " And Aaron said unto them, (the People] 6 break off the golden Earings which are in the Ears of your - Wives, of your Sons, and of your Daughters, and bring " them to me,” ver. 20. and they did so, and brought them to Aaron, ver. 3. “ And he received them all kindly at their “ Hand, and fashioned it with a Graving-Tool, after he had " made it a Molten Calf.” The Gold that remained, went to the Artit, Fver. 495.7 for Aaron at his own Charge erected it, and built an Altar before it, and made Proclamrtion, and said, “ To Morrow is a Feaft to the Lord," she meant to the Calf.] The Day of Sacrifice to the Calf being come, they, i. e. Aaron and his People, rose up early, and offered Burnt, Offerings, and brought Peace-Offerings before the Calf, and having eat, were wanton and full; they, i.e. the Priests and People rose up to play : Dancing was then in fashion, therefore, I say, Aaron, and the People leaped for joy, capered,


These scarecrow Doctrines therefore are the Pricftcrait of the Christian Roman Clergy, and wbile every Man who shalī think himself fit to afiume the Pulpit has the Power of expounding Scripture, it is no Wonder to see so many Ablurdities intruded into the Body of our Chriftian Divinity. And take all their Writings and


skipped, and danced round about their God-Calf, before the Altar. Besides, Moses says, they danced, ver. 10. Man ses is angry at this Action of Aaron's, takes the Calf, burns it, grinds it to Powder, and putting it into Water, made the Children of Israel drink it, ver. 20. so they swallowed their God, ver. 21. for this Moles takes Aaron to task, ver.21. who craftily excuses himself, by fallly accusing the People, ver. 227. tells Moses a great Lie, that he took the People's Gold, and threw it into the Fire, and [fpontaneously] there came out this Calf,' ver. 24. whereas it is faid, ver. 4. that “he An66 ron made, with the Earings, a Molten-Calf, and fashioned «s it with a Graving-Tool.” But karon was afraid, when he saw that Mofes was come again, that he should loose his Bithoprick, ver. 23, 24, 25. However, Moses and Aaron, with the Levites, contrive a great Murder, yea, a Massacre, ver. 26, 27, 28. " who is on the Lord's Side, [i. l. on Moses's Side, ver. 20, compared with ver. 22.] let him come unto me [Moses.] And all the Sons of Levi (that is, the Priests were now for Moses, as before they had been for the Calf, ver. 20. compared to ver. 6.] gathered themselves together unte him. Having thus assembled them, ver. 20. he provides every Man a Sword, with this bloody Commission, as though from God, he says, “ Thus faith the Lord God of Israel, put .66 every Man a Sword by his Side, and go in and out, from “ gate to gate, throughout the Camp, and slay every Man " his Brother, and every Man his Neighbour.” The Priests, proud of the Commiflion, went and did according to the Words not of God] of Moses, and the Reft of the People being unarmed, or not prepared for this Mafsacre, these facerdotal Gladi?tors New about three thousand, ver. 28. The Laity preparirg to oppose the Prieits, they leave off the Slaughter, and retire to Moses for fresh Orders, ver. 29. and when the People were gathered to Moses, to coinplain of the Wicked.ness of the Levites, he tells them, that they had Gnned a great Sin, and, that the Slaughter of the 3000 had saved their Lives,


Expositions on the Bible since Christianity, and
it would, I fear, be found that they have glossid
away the Christian Truths, and instead thereof.
teach for Doctrines the Traditions of Men (k).

But to return,
I say, the Fire that will punish those who
Thall be left in this Globe at the Day of Reiri-
bution will be immaterial, a Fire that all the
Art of Men and Devils cannot quench, It will
be a Sensibility of the Loss that every such one
will sustain ; a perfect Idea cf the Perdition he is

G 2


made an Attonement for the Sin, and that he had ordered the Priests to do Penance ; ” and after this Priests were forbid to bear Swords. However, Moses was troubled how, and in what manner he should appease the People, and therefore flies to his Counsellor, Ferbro, and from him tells the People, that now the Lord would, by his Hand, lead them into the Land of Promise, and, that they were brave Men, and should kill and destroy all they came near, Ch. xxxiii. I, 2, z. Thus ended the Priestcraft of Aaron.

(k) The Censure contained in this Paragraph at first Sight seems haríh : But let, us consider how far it is fact. It is levelled at Preachers of Christianity since the Promulgation of the Gospel. J. Heresy began to obscure Truth in the Apostles Days; which sprang from Priests of that Time, [fee Dr.Hammond, on 1 Tim. vi. 20, &c.] from N.colas the Deacor, the Gnosticks and Nicolaitans. All the Heresies in the Christian Church have had their Rise this Way; the Denial of the Godhead of the Eternal Logos from Prieit. Arius; all the false Doctrines of the Church of Rome have been the Invention of Priests, . they taught the People to worship Saints and Angels, to go Pilgrimages, to pray to the Virgin Mary, and believe Absurdities, and in short it may, in a real sense, te said of that Priesthood, that they teach for Doctrines, the Commandments of Men, and that they have gloísed away the Christian Truths. So far the Charge stands good. 2. Come we to the Reforma- tion, to see what affects our first Reformers ; for it must be al"lowed, that they were Priests, and some of them skilful in the religious Art. Let their Articles of Religion speak for themselves : In the first Article they say:God is without Body, Parts, or Passions : In the second 'they sware, that God the Son has Body and Parts now in Heaven. In the third, that he


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come into. But his Case then will difier from his
State before the Formation of the World no
otherwise than that he will have no Hopes of
attaining Heaven. Though I am noc of the
Opinion (1), that there never will be a second
Means afforded them of returning to Hea-
· The Expressions made use of in Scripture to
express the Grievousness of the Punishments the
Dimned will hereafter sustain, are designed on-
Jy as so many Allegories suited to our finite Ca-


went down into Hell, i, e into the Centre of the Earth, or a distinct Creation from the Earth, I suppose is meant. Article Six they do not insert here, that the Books of the Old Teitament were written by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost, but they dub all the Stories contained in them for Truth. In Article seven, they are not Fews; but because the Old Teftament would be necessary to back Christianity, they say, therefore, it is to be held in respect. In the ninth they establish three Creeds at once : In two of them this absurd Doctrine, the Resurrection of the Body, or Flesh. It is too tedious to go through them all. I have given this as a Specimen how far our Reformers have gloffed away the Christian Truths. If any other Evidences of it shall be required, I shall be ready to give them, when I have more Rooni and Leisure. But I have one Thing to offer yet ; which is, that I would not be understood to censure the now Clergy of the Church of England, because it is well known, that they sware and subscribe these Articles and Doctrines, and are obliged by Law and Interest to preach them, Right or Wrong; and therefore this Nece lity, shall excuse them from the general Censure ; and here I declare, that I do not only except the Hackney-Preachers, halfstarved Curates, Lecturers and Readers, but the dignified Clergy, viz. Rectors, Vicars, Deans, Prebends, Cannons and · Archdeacons, yea, even the Right Reverend the Bishops, and the most Reverend the Archbishops, in this General Release of Neceffity ?

(1) As to the Eternity of Hell-Torments, I shall by way of - Answer to all those who assert this Doctrine, make a sew Remarks upon what the celebrated Dr. Lupton in his first Sermon has said from Matth. xxv. 40. " And these shall go away into * Everlasting Punishment," to support so unmerciful, lo ab


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pacities, of their future unhappy State, Depart from me, ye cursed, into Everlasting Fire ; imports only this : Go ye from my Prelence, ye Rebellious and obstinate, who, notwithstanding the Overtures of Salvation which I have offered unto you, remain hardened in your Sin, how oft would I have had you returned unto Me, and ye would not: But now your Day is past, your Time of Return is over, ye shall be shut out of Heaven for an Age. The very Sensibility of fuch their Condemnation, and the natural Con


surd and so ridiculous a Doctrine.

The Doctor omits the lat.

< nal.” But I will joyn them together : Kai drenguooute TOL it's rónar i aiávrov. or ö Sindelok ris wir aiário. The Doctor well knew, that Eternity of Life was equally the Privilege of the Kæmpe pérol, i.e. the Cursed, or rather the Condemned, as it is of the sixa101, the Juft or the Righteous. The Order of the Words are these, and they will bare this Version : 26 And these shall depart for the Punishment of an Age: But <the Righteous to everlasting Life.” The Word ojcóvrov is an · Adjective derived of the Substantive 'Aiwl', and signifies to ci

indifered to theis is plain late to the peward

more than this, for the Punishment of an Age. But against this Transation, it will be said, that then the Righteous will be in Happiness no longer a Time than the Wicked will be in Punishment. I answer, That Obedience ought to be rewarded with a greater Recompence than is adequate to the Punishment of Disobedience. And this is plain from the Text, a greater Reward is offered to the Righteous, yea, far greater than the Penalty inflicted on the Wicked: The one is stiled Life, the other Punishment only. Obedience to Human Laws

is rewarded with continual Peace and Tranquility. But if a - Man offends against those Laws his Punishment is not continual, but limited : So the Punishment of the Cursed is limited, but the Reward of the Just is continual Life. And this is nothing but what is reasonable and juft ; for it is more easy to be of the Number of the Ketnequérol, than to be of the Number of the Aíndiol; because we are prone to Sin and Iniquity, and backward in Acts of Goodness, therefore there ought not to be an Equality of Rewards and Punishments. But farther, all the Punilnments attending Disobedience, are


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