The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms

Advanced Thought Publishing Company, 1916 - 86 Seiten

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Seite 63 - Substances in which thermal colors predominate must affinitize with those in which the electrical colors rule." He summed up his major doctrine by describing a strange "series of graduations in the peculiar potencies of colors, the center and climax of electrical action, which cools the nerves, being in violet ; the climax of electrical action, which is soothing to the vascular system, being in blue ; the climax of luminosity being in yellow ; and the climax of thermism or heat being in red. This...
Seite 64 - White, cream, light yellow, and orange are the colors which are the sanest. I might add, light green, for that is the predominating color in Nature. Black, brown and deep red are incentives to crime. A man in anger sees red.
Seite 39 - Green lies in the centre of the astral spectrum, and is a balance between the two extremes, and is also influenced by these two extremes in a startling manner. A certain restful green denotes love of nature, out of door life, travel in the country, etc., and also, slightly differing in tint, the love of home scenes, etc. Again, a clear beautiful lighter tint of green indicates what may be called sympathy, altruistic emotion, charity, etc. Again, illustrating variety in this group of astral colors,...
Seite 32 - The various combinations of the three astral primary colors are formed in connection with black and white, as well as by the blending of the three themselves. These combinations, of course, result from the shades of mental and emotional activity manifested by the individuality, of which they are the reflection and the key. The combinations and blending of the astral colors, however, are numberless, and present an almost infinite variety. Not only is the blending caused by the mixing of the colors...
Seite 73 - Red is the color in cases of chill or lack of sufficient bodily warmth. Panchadasi writes: "A nervous, unstrung patient may be treated by bathing him mentally, in a flood of violet or lavender auric color; while a tired, used-up, fatigued person may be invigorated by flooding him with bright reds, followed by bright, rich yellows, finishing the treatment with a steady flow of warm orange color.
Seite 39 - ... why' in some instances. To those who are fond of analysis of this kind, I will drop the following hint, which may help them out in the matter. The key is found in the fact that green lies in the center of the astral spectrum, and is a balance between the two extremes, and is also influenced by these two extremes in a startling manner. "A certain restful green denotes love of nature, out of door life, travel in the country, etc., and also...
Seite 37 - ... the person manifesting them — they often do just this thing, to tell the truth. THE YELLOW GROUP. In this group of astral colors seen in the human aura we find as many varieties as we do in the red group. Yellow, denoting intellect, has many degrees of shade and tint, and many degrees of clearness. An interesting shade in this group is that of Orange, which represents different forms of "pride of intellect," intellectual ambition, love of mastery by will, etc.
Seite 73 - This will leave the patient in an inspired, exalted, illuminated state of mind and soul, which will be of great benefit to him, and will also have the effect of reinvigorating the healer by cosmic energy." Lest the skeptical physician frown upon the therapy of auric healing, one of its champions warns: "The purblind atheist scientists who practice vivisection, the injection of disgusting lymph and other abominable iniquities in the vain hope of annihilating...
Seite 89 - The highest and deepest occult teaching is that the White Light must never be used for purpose of attack or personal gain, but that it may properly be employed by anyone, at any time, to protect himself or herself against adverse outside psychic influences no matter by whom exerted. It is the armor of the soul, and may well be employed in Ruch way whenever or wherever the need arises.
Seite 36 - ... tints, by the way. Descending in the scale, we find the crimson shade becoming darker and duller, until we descend to the plane of impure, sensual, coarse passion, which is manifested by an ugly, dull, muddy crimson of a repulsive appearance, suggesting blood mixed with dirty earth or barnyard soil. A peculiar series of red shades are those manifesting anger in its various forms, from the vivid scarlet flashes of anger color, arising from what may be called "righteous indignation," down the scale...

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