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Seite 125 - Game || of || Chesse-Play. || Sometimes || The Recreation of the late || King, with many of the || Nobility. || Illustrated \ With almost an hundred || Gambetts. || Being || The study of Biochimo || the famous Italian.
Seite 223 - The history of Chess, together with short and plain instructions, by which any one may easily play at it without the help of a teacher.
Seite 4 - Vt gemini inter se reges, albusque nigerque, Pro laude oppositi certent bicoloribus armis.
Seite 220 - Die Kunst, die Welt erlaubt mitzunehmen, in den verschiedenen Arten der Spiele, so in Gesellschaften höheren Standes, besonders in der Kayserl.
Seite 227 - A Treatise on the Game of Chess; containing an Introduction to the Game, and an Analysis of the various Openings of Games, with several new Modes of Attack and Defence, to which are added 25 new Chess Problems.
Seite 366 - Alse tut der tot: der wirf et iz allez in di erden. Welich der riche si ader der arme si ader der bäbist si ader der kunic, daz schowet an deme gebeine : der knecht ist dicke uber den herren geleget so si ligen in deme beinhüse.
Seite 162 - Chcasts renewed, with Instructions both to learne it easely, and to play it well. Lately translated out of Italian into French : And now set furth in English by Jamea Rowbothum. FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH. Black Letter. I2mo, old morocco gilt, ge Printed at London by Roulande' Hall, for James Rowbothum, and are to be sold at hys shoppe under Bowe Churche in Cheape syde, 1562.
Seite 220 - Schachspielgeheimnissen; nebst einigen Regeln, dieses Spiel wohl zu vollziehen und den Sieg durch feine und subtile Züge davon zu tragen.
Seite 153 - On the Burmha Game of Chess; compared with the Indian, Chinese, and Persian Game of the same denomination. By the late Captain Hiram Cox. Communicated in a letter from him to JH Harington, Esq. (As. Researches, VII, 1801, pp. 486—511). 1349. — «Invenire».
Seite 230 - CHESS FOR BEGINNERS, in a Series of Progressive Lessons. Showing the most approved methods of beginning and ending the Game, together with various Situations and Checkmates. With Twenty-four Diagrams printed in Colours.

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