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" Love bids her die: thy cruel wish reftrain-
<< Why then (quoth he) in looms of fate were wove
“ The lives of those, in long successive train,

“ From her to spring, thro' yon bright tracts to rove? Fo Due to the skyes, and meant to shine in fields above ?


“ Say, would thy goodness envy them the light
“ Appointed for them, or the good prevent
« Foreseen from them to flow? eracing quite
6. The whole creation thro’ avengement?
“ One only fpecies from its order rent,
" The whole creation shrivels a shade.
“ —Better all vanish'd, said she, than be meint

“ In wild confufion; through free will misled, “ And tempted to go wrong from punishment delay'd."


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6. Let me that exemplary vengeance bear, (Benign return'd her amiable fon :)

Justice on her would lose its aim; severe “ In vain, productive of no good; for none « Could by that desolating blow be won, “ So falls each generous purpose of the will « Correct, extinguish'd by abortion :

“ Whence justice would its own intendments spill; " And cut off virtue, by the stroke meant vice to kill,

XLV. “ Yet


“ Yet left impunity should forehead give " To vice, in me let guilt adopted find

A victim; here awhile vouchsafe me live “ Thy proof of justice, mixt with mercy kind !" " ---Oh! strange request (quoth she) of pity blind! “ How shouldst thou suffer, who didft ne'er offend? « How canft thou bear to be from me disloin'd?

“. To wander here, where nature 'gins to wend 5. To waste and wilderness, and pleasures have an end ?"

XLVI. You, Venus, fuffer, (said she) when you strike “ Not for your own, but others foul offence :

Why not permitted I to do the like, " When greater good, I see, will coul from thence ? “ That greater good orepays all punishments; • And makes my suff'rings, pleasure: if they prove “ A means to conquer Anteros, dispense

Healings to Pfyche's wounds, regain her love, And lead her, with her happy fons, to realms above."


“ To thy intreaties Psyche's life I give, (Replied th' indulgent mother to her son ;) “ But yet deform’d, and minish'd let her live; !! 'Till thou shalt grant a better change foredone;

« Nor shall that change, but thro' death gates be won. • This meed be thine, ore her and hers to reign! Already Nature


her horrors on: “ Away!-I to my bow'r of bliss again ! “ Thou to thy task of love, and voluntary pain.”

She went; and like a shifted ftage, the scene
Vanished at once; th' ambrosial plants were loft ;
The jarring seasons brought on various teen;
Each fought, each secking, each by other croft.
Young spring to summer flies from winter's frolt;
While sweltry summer thirsts for autumn's bowl,
Which autumn holds to winter; winter tost

With scorn away, young spring inflames his soul :
Still craving, never pleas'd, thus round and round they roll.

Th' inclement airs bind up the sluggish foil;
The sluggish foil the toilsome hand requires ;
Yet thankless

pays with four harsh fruits the toil;
Ne willing yields, but ragged thorns and briers.
Birds, birds pursue; as hunger's rage inspires :
Their sweetest songs are now but songs of woe.
Here from th' encroaching shore the wave retires :

There hoarse floods roar; impetuous torrents flow; Invade the land, and the scarce harvests overthrow.

L. Stretcht


Stretcht on the bank eftfoons th' inviting form
Of Psyche faded ; brac'd up lank and slim,
Her dwindled body shrunk into a worm :
Her make new moulded, chang'd in ev'ry limb;
Her colours only left, all pale and dim:
Doom'd in her caterpillar's shape to lout.
Her paflions ill such worthless thing befeem;

Pride, rage, and vanity to banish out,
She creeping crawls, and drags a loathsome length about.


How Cupid wash'd her noisome filth away ;
What arts he tried to win her love again ;
By what wiles guileful Antros did aflay,
By leasing, still her recreant to maintain,
And render Cupid's kindly labours vain :
Their combat, Cupid's conquest, Psyche’s crown,
(My day's set talk here ended) must remain

Unsung; far nobler verse mote they renown:
Unyoke the toiled fteers, the weary sun goes down.

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Quifnam igitur liber? Sapiens, fibique imperiofus ;
Quem neque pauperies, neque mors, neque vincula terrent :
Responsare cupidinibus, contemnere honores
Fortis ; 'et in feipfo totus teres atque rotundus,

Hor. Serm. Lib. II. Sat. 7.

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By thee sustain'd, th' unbounded spirit runs,
Moulds orbs on orbs, and lights up funs on suns
By thee sustain'd, in love unwearied lives,
And uncontroul'd creates, supports, forgives :
No pow'r, or time, or space his will withstood;
Almighty ! endless ! infinite in good!

“ If fo, why not communicate the bliss,
" And let man know what this great blessing is?"
Say what proportion, creature, wouldst thou claim ;
As thy Creator's, in extent, the fame!


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