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The tame, war-trading Belgian fled,

While in his cause the Briton bled :

The Gaul stood wond'ring at his own success ;
Oft did his hardiest bands their wonted fears confess,

Struck with dismay, and meditating flight;
While the brave foe still urg'd th’unequal fight,

While WILLIAM, with his Father's ardour fir'd, Through all th' undaunted host the generous flame inspir’d!


But heavier far the weight of shame

That funk Britannia's naval fame:
In vain she spreads her once-victorious fails ;

Or fear, or rashness, in her chiefs prevails ;-
And wildly thefe prevent, those basely fhun the fight;

Content with humble praise, the foe

Avoids the long impending blow;
Improves the kind escape, and triumphs in his fight.


The monstrous age, which still increasing years debase,
Which teems with unknown crimes,and genders new disgrace,
First, unrestrained by honour, faith, or shame,

Confounding every facred name,
The hallow'd nuptial bed with lawless luft profan'd:

Deriv'd from this polluted source

The dire corruption held its course Through the whole canker'd race, and tainted all the land.

VII. The


The rip'ning maid is vers'd in every dangerous art,
That ill adorns the form while it corrupts the heart :

Practis'd to dress, to dance, to play,

In wanton mak to lead the way,
To move the pliant limbs, to roll the luring eye ;
With folly's gayest partizans to vye

In empty noise and vain expence;
To celebrate with flaunting air

The midnight revels of the fair ;
Studious of ey'ry praise, but virtue, truth, and sense.

Thus lesson'd in intrigue her early thought improves,

Nor meditates in vain forbidden loves :
Soon the gay nymph in Cyprus' train shall rove
Free and at large amidft th’ Idalian grove;
Or haply jealous of the voice of fame,

Mask'd in the matron's fober name,

a well-dissembled wile
The kind, convenient husband's care beguile :

More deeply vers'd in Venus' mystic lore, Yet for such meaner arts too lofty and sublime,

The proud, high-born, patrician whore, Bears unabash'd her front; and glories in her crime.


Hither from city and from court
The votaries of love resort ;

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The rich, the great, the gay, and the severe;

The pension'd architect of laws;
The patriot, loud in virtue's cause;

Proud of imputed worth, the peer:
Regardless of his faith, his country, or his name,


his honour and estate ;
Nor reckons at how dear a rate
He purchases disease, and fervitude, and shame.


Not from such dastard fires, to every virtue loft,
Sprung the brave youth which Britain once could boast;

Who curb’d the Gaul's usurping sway,

Who swept th' unnumber'd hosts away,
In Agincourt, and Creffy's glorious plain ;

Who dy'd the feas with Spanish blood,

Their vainly-vaunted fleets fubdu'd,
And spread the mighty wreck o'er all the vanquish'd main.

No;-'twas a generous race, by worth tranfmiflive known ;

In their bold breast their fathers spirit glow'd :
In their pure veins rheir mothers virtue flow'd :
They made hereditary praise their own.

The fire his emulous offspring led
The rougher paths of faine to tread;
The matron train'd their spotless youth
In honour, fanctity, and truth;

Form'd by th’ united parents care,
The fons, tho' bold, were wise; the daughters chaste, tho' fair.

XII. How


How Time, all-wafting, ev’n the worst impairs,
And each foul age to dregs ftilI fouler runs !

Our fires, more vicious ev'n than theirs,

Left us, ftill more degenerate heirs,
To spawn a baser brood of monster-breeding sons.

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W The happy gardens of Adonis lay :

HERE early Phæbus sheds his milder beams,

of Adonis lay: There Time, well pleas'd to wonne, a youth beseems. Ne yet his wings were fledg'd, ne locks were grey ; Round him in sweet accord the Seasons play With fruits and blossoms meint, in goodly gree; And dancing hand in hand rejoice the lea.

Sick gardens now no mortal wight can fee,
Ne mote they in my fimple verse descriven be.

The temper'd clime full many a tree affords ;
Those many trees blush forth with ripen'd fruite;
The blushing fruite to feast invites the birds ;
The birds with plenteous feasts their strength recruite;

And warble songs more sweet than shepherd's Aute,
The gentle strean that rollid the stones among,
Charm'd with the place, almost forgot its fuite;

But liftning and responding to the song,
Loit'ring, and winding often, murmured elong,

Here Panacea, here Nepenthe grew,
Here Polygon, and each ambrosial weed;
Whose vertues could decayed-health renew,
And, answering exhausted nature's need,
Mote eath mortal to immortal feed.
Here lives Adonis in unfading youth;
Celestial Venus grants him that rich meed,

And him successive evermore renew'th,
In recompence

for all his faithful love and truth.


Not The, I ween, the wanton queen of love,
All buxom as the waves from whence she rose,
With her twin sons, who idly round her rove,
One Eros hight, the other Anteros;
Albeit brothers, different as foes:
This sated, sullen, apt for bickerment;
That hungry, eager, fit for derring-does.

That flies before, with scorching flames ybrent;
This fol!'wing douts those flames with peevith discontent.

V, Celestial

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