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The Board has been appointed by the Council of the University to conduct the Public Examinations in General and Commercial Education. Its members are the Professors and Lecturers of the Faculties of Arts and Science, together with the Professor of Law.

Members of the Board.
Professor Bensly

Mr. Chapman
Professor Bragg

Dr. Eitel
Professor Henderson

Mr. Higgin
Professor Mitchell

Mr. Howchin
Professor Rennie

Mr. Madsen
Professor Salmond

Mr. Woolnough
Professor Stirling

Secretary to the Board.

R. J. M. Clucas.

Registrar of the University.

Charles R. Hodge.

Applications for forms of entry, and all payments, are to be made to the Rejistrar; other communications to the Secretary.


Candidates may be examined at Local Centres in which a Committee of Management has been formed and approved by the Board.

Candidates desiring to sit at these centres must make all applications, payments, and communications to the Local Secretaries. All Local Centres in Western Australia are managed by the Committee in Perth.

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Examinations were held at Koolunga, Port Lincoln, Quorn, and Red Hill during 1904.

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