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For thee, O dear, dear coun-try, Mine eyes their vig - ils

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ver - y love, be - hold - ing Thy hap - py name, they weep.

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Je - ru - sa - lem my hap - py home, Name ev - er dear to

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2 When shall these eyes thy heaven- 5 Why should I shrink from pain and built walls

woe, And pearly gates behold?

Or feel at death dismay? Thy bulwarks with salvation strong, I've Canaan's goodly land in view, And streets of shining gold?

And realms of endless day. 3 O when, thou city of my God,

6 Apostles, martyrs, prophets there Shall I thy courts ascend,

Around my Savior stand; Where evermore the angels sing,

And soon my friends in Christ below Where sabbaths have no end?

Will join the glorious band, 4 There happier bowers than Eden's 7 Jerusalem, my happy home!

Nor sin nor sorrow know; [bloom. My soul still pants for thee; Blest seats! through rude and stormy Then shall my labors have an end, scenes

When I thy joy shall see. I onward press to you.

Anon., 16th or 17th Century

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Je - ru - sa-lem, thou cit - y fair and high, Would God I were in thee!

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40 Zion, hail! Bright city, now un- 5 Innumerous choirs before the shinfold

ing throne The gates of grace to me!

Their joyful anthems raise, How many a time I longed for thee of. Till heaven's glad halls are echoing old,

with the tone Ere yet I was set free

Of that great hymn of praise, From yon dark life of sadness,

And all its host rejoices, Yon world of shadowy nought,

And all its blessed throng And God had given the gladness,

Unite their myriad voices The heritage I sought.

In one eternal song!

J. M. Meyfart, 1626

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land of pure delight, Where saints im- mor- tal reign:

In · fi- nite day ex-cludes the night, And pleas-ures ban - ish pain.

2 There everlasting spring abides,

With never-withering flowers; Death, like a narrow sea, divides

That heavenly land from ours. 3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling

flood, Stand dressed in living green; So to the Jews old Canaan stood,

While Jordan rolled between. 4 But timorous mortals start and shrink

To cross this narrow sea,

And linger trembling on the brink,

And fear to launch away. 5 O could we make our doubts remove,

Those gloomy doubts that rise, And see the Canaan that we love,

With faith's illumined eyes: 6 Could we but climb where Moses

And view the landscape o'er, (stood, Not Jordan's stream, nor deaths cold

flood Should fright us from the shore.

I. Watts, 1707

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2 And now we fight the battle,

But then shall wear the crown Of full and everlasting

And passionless renown; And now we watch and struggle,

And now we live in hope, And Zion in her anguish

With Babylon must cope; 3 But He whom now we trust in

Shall then be seen and known; And they that know and see Him

Shall have Him for their own. The morning shall awaken,

The shadows shall decay, And each true-hearted servant

Shall shine as doth the day.

4 There grief is turned to pleasure,

Such pleasure as below No human voice can utter,

No human heart can know.
There God, our king and portion,

In fulness of His grace,
Shall we behold for ever,

And worship face to face.
5 ( sweet and blessed country,

The home of God's elect!
O sweet and blessed country

That eager hearts expect!
Jesus, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest; Who art, with God the Father And Spirit, ever blest.

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