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German, 1543

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2 O very Man, and very God,
Who hast redeemed us with Thy blood;
From death eternal set us free,

And make us one with God in Thee.
3 From sin and shame defend us still,

And work in us Thy steadfast will,
The cross with patience to sustain,

And bravely bear its utmost pain.
4 In Thee we trust, in Thee alone;

For Thou forsakest not Thine own;
To all the meek Thy strength is given,
Who by Thy cross ascend to heaven.

C. Vischer, 1597

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Johann Walther, 1524

sin - ner, for


tle space Lift up thine eyes, dis - cern - ing How

ter - ri- ble a thing is sin; And so to wisdom turn-ing, Up-on the cruci

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fied One look, And thou shalt read, as in a book, What well is worth thy learning.

2 Look on His head, that bleeding head,

With crown of thorns surrounded; Look on His sacred hands and feet,

Which piercing nails have wounded; See every limb with scourges rent; On Him, the just, the innocent,

What malice hath abounded! 3 'Tis not alone those tender limbs

With so much pain are aching; For the ingratitude of man

His heart within is breaking. O fearful was the chastisement The Son of Mary underwent,

The place of sinners taking. 4 No man has any sorrow borne

Like unto that affliction,
When Jesus for our sake endured
His people's contradiction;

Beyond imagination were
The sufferings He willed to bear

In that dread crucifixion. 5 Now mark, O man, and ponder well

Sin's awful condemnation. For whom were all those wounds en

To purchase thy salvation. [dured? Had Jesus never bled and died, Then what could thee and all betide

But fiery reprobation? 6 Flee, therefore, sinner, flee from sin

And Satan's wiles ensnaring; Flee from those everlasting flames

For evil ones preparing.
O thank thy Savior, and entreat
To rest hereafter at His feet,
The life eternal sharing.

Anon., Latin, 1678

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W. H. Monk, 1861

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2 I am not worthy to be thought Thy child,

Nor sit the last and lowest at Thy board;
Too long a wanderer, and too oft beguiled,

I only ask one reconciling word.
3 One word from Thee, my Lord, one smile, one look, ..

And I could face the cold, rough world again;
And with that treasure in my heart could brook

The wrath of devils and the scorn of men.
4 And is not mercy Thy prerogative –

Free mercy, boundless, fathomless, divine?
Me, Lord, the chief of sinners, me forgive,

And Thine the greater glory, only Thine.
5 I hear Thy voice; Thou bidst me come and rest:

I come, I kneel, I clasp Thy piercéd feet:
Thou bid'st me take my place, a welcome guest

Among Thy saints, and of Thy banquet eat.

6 My praise can only breathe itself in prayer.

My prayer can only lose itself in Thee;
Dwell Thou for ever in my heart, and there,
Lord, let me sup with Thee; sup Thou with me.

E. H. Bickersteth, 1872

311 8, 8, 7, 8, 8, 7.

Zinck's Koralbog, 1801

Zi - on, to thy

thy Sav-ior sing-ing, To thy prince and shepherd bringing

Sweetest hymns of love and praise, Thou wilt nev - er reach the measure

Of His worth, by all the treasure

of thy most ec - stat - iclay

2 Of all wonders that can thrill thee,
And with adoration fill thee,

What than this can greater be,
That Himself to thee He giveth?
He that eateth ever liveth,

For the Bread of life is He.
3 Fill thy lips to overflowing
With sweet praise, His mercy showing

Who this heavenly table spread:
On this day so glad and holy,
To each longing spirit lowly

Giveth He the living bread.
4 Here the King hath spread His table
Whereon eyes of faith are able

Christ our Passover to trace:
Shadows of the law are going,
Light and life and truth inflowing,
Night to day is giving place.

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2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and blessed, and brake;
What love through all His actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace He spake!
3 "This is my body, broke for sin;

Receive and eat the living food:"
Then took the cup and blessed the wine;

"'Tis the new covenant in my blood.”
4. Do this,” He said, "till time shall end,

In memory of your dying Friend
Meet at my table and record

The love of your departed Lord.”
5 Jesus, Thy feast we celebrate;

We show Thy death, we sing Thy name,
Till Thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

I. Watts, 1709

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