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2 In earth’s vale of sorrows the cold mists enshroud thee,

And tears often flow;
And suffering and grief seem the portion allowed thee

In this life below; :
Yet, hear the glad message,

That rescue doth presage,
And pardon and peace
Through Him who doth bring theo release.

3 In earth's dreary deserts the sharp thorns will wound thee,

And rough is the way;
And often thou longest from ills that surround thee

To hasten away;
Yet, cease now thy sadness,
God's springtime of gladness
Through Christ thou shalt see:
Awake, for He calleth to thee!

4 O lift up thine eyes now with hope unto heaven,

The daybreak is here:
Thy Lord let all blessing and honor be given,
Go meet Him with cheer;
When hearts are convicted

Of sin, and afflicted
His welcome will rise
In anthems of praise to the skies.

5 To God be all glory, who graciously sendeth

From heaven His light;
The way and the truth and the life my soul findeth,
And peace is my right.
O Christ, shine upon us!

From death Thou hast won us
To follow, O Lord,
Thy steps in the light of Thy word.

M. B. Landstad, 1861

Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812–87

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2 Patriarchs and priests aspiring,
Kings and prophets long desiring,

Saw not this before they died:

Lo, the light to them denied!
See its beams to earth directed!
Welcome, O Thou long-expected!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
3 He, the Savior sent by heaven,
Once through faith to Abram given,

Israel's Son and glorious King,

Hope to which the heathen cling,
Now on earth with men abiding,
Comes to Zion meekly riding;

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
4 Lo! He comes, a victim willing,
All His Father's will fulfilling;

He will, through His precious blood,

All things once again make good,
Pain and shame of death sustaining,
What was lost with joy regaining;

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
5 In our stead Himself He offers,
On th' accursed tree He suffers,

That His death's sweet savor may

Take our curse for aye away,
Cross and curse for us enduring,
Hope and heaven to us securing;

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
6 Moses' law no longer rules us,
Christ's free Spirit gently schools us;
Ended now our captive thrall;

He who God obeys in all,
Through his Savior's death and merit,
Now enjoys adoption's spirit;

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
7 Rent the temple curtain's center,
Fearless each may strive to enter,

Through the veil, the holy place,

There to stand before His face;
He who once came down from heaven,
Fear from all our breasts hath driven;

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
8 Hence thy King, O Zion, praising,
Heart and voice to Him upraising,

Shout with joy, for once thou art

In His reign to bear thy part;
Come, thyself as offering bringing,
Come, thou Bride, for ever singing
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

J. A. Freylinghausen, 1714

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2 Let shouts of gladness rise

5 Thy heart now open wide, Triumphant to the skies.

Bid Christ with thee abide; Here comes the King most glorious He graciously will hear thee, To reign o'er all victorious:

And be forever near thee: Hosanna, etc.

Hosanna, etc. 3 He wears no kingly crown,

6 Then go thy Lord to meet; Yet as a king He's known;

Strew palm-leaves at His feet: Though not arrayed in splendor: Thy garments spread before Him, He still makes death surrender: And honor and adore Him: Hosanna, etc.

Hosanna, etc.

4 The weak and timid find
Him gentle, good and kind;
To them He gives a treasure
Of bliss beyond all measure:
Hosanna, etc.

7 E'en babes with one accord
With thee shall praise the Lord,
And every Gentile nation
Respond with exultation:
Hosanna, etc.

Anon,, Danish, ca. 1600

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German, 1598.

Rise, children of the king - dom! The King is drawing

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A - rise, and hail with glad - ness The Rul - er from on


e Christians, hast- en


Your praise and hom-age bring Him,

And glad Ho - san - nas sing Him; Naught else your love is worth.

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2 Arise, ye drooping mourners!

The King is very near; Away with grief and sorrow.

For lo! your help is here.
Behold, in many a place-

O blessed consolation!
We find Him, our salvation,
In His pure means of grace.
3 Arise, ye much afflicted!

The King is not afar;
Rejoice, ye long dejected!

Behold the Morning Star. The Lord will give you joy!

Though troubles now distress you, With comfort He will bless you, E'en death He will destroy.

4 Arise, ye poor and needy!

The King provides for you; He comes with succor speedy,

With mercy ever new. Receive your gracious King,

The giver of all blessing; Hail Him, His name confessing, And glad Fossannas sing. 5 O rich the gifts Thou bring'st us,

Thyself made poor and weak; •
O love beyond expression,

That thus can sinners seek!
For this, O Lord, will we
Our joyous tribute bring Thee,

And glad Hosannas sing Thee, And ever grateful be.

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